At QuickJack, Safety is Always #1

QuickJack is much safer to operate than conventional floor jacks and stands. Once you get used to lifting your vehicle with the touch of a button, and you watch as both frames automatically lock in place, you'll never want to return to a pre-QuickJack lifestyle.

QuickJack eliminates all balance and leveling issues that commonly occur with jack stands, and its side-to-side stability is incredible. There are simply zero safety issues that arise with QuickJack when it is correctly operated. Explore more about QuickJack's safety features below, including details on its strictly controlled manufacturing process.

Automatic locks

No one should ever get under a raised vehicle without a mechanical locking mechanism in place. That goes for full-sized lifts as much as it does low-profile lifts. As the QuickJack frames rise, two safety arms, one on each frame, travel along the lock channels until they engage the locks. (There are two lock positons: upper and lower.) Once the locks are fully engaged, the hydraulic lines can be optionally disconnected at the quick-connect fittings. In that state, a vehicle can safely rest indefinitely on the lift.

Side-to-side stability

It's virtually impossible to knock a car over once it's lifted on QuickJack. You'd really have to give it all you've got, and with all the grunting and slamming, you'd probably make your neighbors think someone was being attacked. QuickJack leaves a footprint about the length of your vehicle's wheelbase, so it's much more stable under a vehicle than a set of jack stands.

Over-engineered for unparalleled safety

We could go on and on about the high-quality, 14-gauge steel construction, stability of the locks, etc. Or, we could just show you a video of that time a BL-5000SLX lifted 20,000 lbs., four times its rated lift capacity. Check that out below. It's definitely a show-stopper.


Our portable car lift's quality starts with the manufacturing process. All QuickJack employees are Q.C. trained and adhere to ISO-9001 guidelines. Safety is our top priority, followed closely by environmental responsibility, cost-efficient procedures that ensure high production volume and savings we can pass down to our customers.


QuickJack is constructed out of high-grade, 14-gauge stainless steel. This is the perfect grade to ensure an extremely powerful lift, as well as a mobile platform that can be rolled anywhere with ease. Zero-leak quick-connect fittings are specially made to eliminate hydraulic fluid drips and leaks. An industrial-grade power unit sports a connected hand-held pendant remote for your convenience. Basically, this is the strongest, most reliable electric-hydraulic portable car lift on the market. To prove it, we developed this video of us throwing the packaged QuickJack frames off a 40-foot roof. Convincing?


Every QuickJack frame, bolt, hydraulic cylinder, power unit and accessory is made to exacting standards in our own facilities, using our own designs and engineering. At our headquarters in Santa Paula, CA, our drafters and engineers perfect their work, and our expert manufacturing teams take it from there. All quality control testing is handled in-house, giving us full control over each and every shipped product. From start to finish, no one outside QuickJack has anything to do with the making of our lifts.

Want to see a bit of the QuickJack manufacturing process in action? Just watch the video below! Using a combination of manual welding and automated processes, we can confirm every single weld, bend and formed steel frame will hold up against the test of time, as well as whatever else you plan to throw at it.