Our Mission

Mission Statement

You deserve a faster, smarter, safer alternative to floor jacks and stands.


True success comes only when customers express their complete satisfaction with our efforts. Expanding and selling product isn’t enough. We strive to be a household name and premier supplier of portable car lifts worldwide. Employees in all departments work together to achieve this goal, keeping a positive, team-first attitude at all times in order to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Our Purpose:

  • We provide our customers with high-quality aftermarket auto tools for both home garages and professional shops.
  • We want all QuickJack operators to have fun while using electric-hydraulic car lift assemblies that increase user safety while decreasing the frequency of required maintenance.
  • We utilize the latest engineering software and manufacturing standards to keep ahead of the competition.
  • All our products demonstrably improve our customers’ quality of life, keeping us relevant in rapidly evolving global markets.
  • It is our civic duty to address and facilitate consumer needs in a timely fashion.
  • Our teams emphasize polite and responsive communication across multiple social media channels and customer service lines.
  • Our employees and departments cross-communicate their goals, and final products are always a representation of many voices contributing at every level.