Roush Drifter Saved by QuickJack at SEMA 2017

Everything was going smoothly for QuickJack at SEMA 2017. Over the sound of nearby squealing tires, our team was hard at work selling the numerous car lift models we offer. As the seemingly endless crowd of automotive enthusiasts shuffled in and out of our display area, an exciting opportunity came our way. At a nearby stable of highly modified Roush vehicles, one of the Mustangs piloted by drift legend Forrest Wang was in dire need of help. In a state of adrenaline-induced drifting fury, Forrest pulled a little too hard on the e-brake, causing the coupling link to separate. Little did he know that the entire exhaust system had to come out just to gain access to the e-brake components. The odds of making the next event were not on their side, and this was an event that took over a year to plan. They needed help, and fast.

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Roush drift car at SEMA
Roush drifting using QuickJack lift at SEMA

Forrest Wang is no newcomer to the racing scene. Since 1999, he has been setting records and breaking new ground. He was even the first drifter on his island of Oahu, HI to complete a SR20DET swap. Both an expert mechanic and driver, he knows how to tune a vehicle for performance better than most. Still, drifting tracks are driven by dozens of drivers every day at SEMA, and the track conditions aren’t always ideal. Combine rough terrain with the demanding nature of drifting in general, and sometimes the unexpected happens. When we can’t predict, the only thing we can do is prepare. This requires a tool that keeps you prepared for virtually anything. Enter QuickJack.

Roush’s track showcase was coming up fast, and there wasn’t time to jack up the car and set the stands. Luckily, the Roush team had already noticed our display. They politely explained their situation and asked if we could lend a lift to help out. How could we say no? In return, we asked for permission to film their emergency repair. Our team grabbed a dolly and loaded up a BL-5000SLX, our standard-length, 5,000-lb. capacity model, and quickly transported our lift to the Roush booth.

The video above captures exactly why QuickJack is the only race car lift that makes sense for drifters, racers and crews on track day. We were able to transport the frames and get them set up in mere minutes. The day was saved, and it was only possible with the help of our fully portable yet extremely rugged and handy jacking system.