Car Lift for Mobile Car Repair

Portable car lift for a mobile car repair business

Just as rideshare services like Uber™ and Lyft™ are replacing traditional taxi services, QuickJack is replacing floor jacks and stands in homes nationwide. At the same time, mobile auto repair businesses are investing in QuickJack for their field mechanics. These businesses might be considered the “Ubers of auto repair,” because they use an app-based service that lets clients order a mechanic to meet them virtually anywhere: work, home, etc. These mechanics will remove door dents, perform oil changes, conduct full inspections, change spark plugs, etc.

Professionalism Counts

When you're a professional mechanic, your reputation is at stake with every job. Showing up with well-worn floor jacks and jack stands might look unprofessional. After all, professional auto shops use full-size lifts and industrial-grade equipment. QuickJack, unlike jacks and stands, has the same quality and reliability as other professional equipment. This offers peace of mind to customers, not to mention the mechanics who actually have to lift and crawl under the cars.

Doing brake work with QuickJack portable car lift

QuickJack is Eye-Catching

There's no way around it. Like a Porsche parked outside McDonald's™, QuickJack turns heads. It's eye-catching, and it inspires a sense of wonder. We’re thrilled that QuickJack is used by businesses to improve auto care quality and safety, and we're just as thrilled that customers appreciate the extra effort we put into our designs.

QuickJack on a porsche

Find Mobile Repair Businesses Here

We're making an effort to speak with mobile repair businesses that use QuickJack. Some are big companies with hundreds of mechanics working for them nationwide, while others are small, independently owned and operated businesses. Whatever the case, competition is stiff, and we want your business to have an edge in safety and efficiency with QuickJack.

QuickJack on a porsche

Mobile Repair Profile: YourMechanic

Arguably the biggest and most recognizable mobile repair business, YourMechanic actively encourages its employees to use QuickJack over jacks and stands. Their field techs really seem to like it, and as YourMechanic grows, we get more interest from their employees. QuickJack simply offers portability and professionalism that's unmatched by any other portable car lift.

QuickJack Car Lift Teams up with YourMechanic
YourMechanic actively encourages its employees to use QuickJack

Mobile Repair Profile: Tune on the Go

"QuickJack makes lifting a car so much easier," said Mr. Gonzalez of Tune On The Go. "[I] don’t have to go from corner to corner of the vehicle... I can have a car fully in the air [within minutes] and ready to work from the moment I pull into someone’s home driveway or work parking lot."

Tune On the Go Uses QuickJack
Using QuickJack for a mobile car repair lift