Los Angeles Tire Shop Picks QuickJack

Our new friends and local business partners, husband and wife duo Bobby and Rachel, are the proud owners/operators of Wheel Deals tire and wheel service shop. Based just outside L.A. in the San Fernando Valley, Wheel Deals prides itself on providing great customer service, and their reputation speaks for itself. When we found out this awesome shop was interested in adding two QuickJack lifts to improve their workflow, we knew we had to see it for ourselves.

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Bobby is quick to point out that there are a ton of scissor lifts on the market. Scissor lifts tend to be popular in auto and detailing shops because they don’t take up a lot of space. But QuickJack is different. Bobby says our lift caught his eye because it’s light, mobile and lets him and his operators swap cars quickly. And we get the excitement—turnaround time is everything in the auto business.

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In the video, you see vehicles rolling over two QuickJack frames that have been pushed together. This is probably the smartest way for a high-volume auto repair shop to keep things moving. At the 00:40 mark, a big truck effortlessly pulls over the frames. Bobby and his techs can then quickly reach under, adjust the frames at the vehicle’s lift points and have all four tires off in minutes flat. Since QuickJack is lightweight and mobile, it can be moved anywhere space allows, whereas scissor lifts require permanent installation spaces.

Wheel Deals performs service on virtually every type of vehicle, so they purchased a BL-3500SLX and BL-7000EXT, (our lightest-capacity and heaviest-duty models, respectively). This gives their team the flexibility to do wheel work on anything that comes their way. With over 900 customers every month, the shop is usually operating at max capacity. To do justice to their customers, everything has to constantly move at max efficiency.

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The quick-connect fittings ensure no hydraulic oil leaks into your work area. Don’t forget to attach the protective dust caps!

Of course, efficiency means nothing without 100% customer satisfaction. Bobby keeps his team focused on providing the best service with the best possible equipment. QuickJack may be just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s a crucial, time-saving tool that helps build that trust between the technician and the client.

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If you own an auto repair shop, you know that presentation alone can make the difference between a “meh” customer experience and absolutely stunning the masses with your state-of-the-art equipment. QuickJack is not only safer and easier to use than floor jacks and jack stands (as typically seen in tire shops), it will impress your customers and inspire trust in your services. Those customer feedback forms and Yelp reviews mean everything in a competitive industry. So, we always do what we can to help you gain a foot on the other guys and improve your bottom line. Take it from Wheel Deals—QuickJack rocks!