Better Car Care with QuickJack

In addition to offering a more ergonomic auto detailing solution, QuickJack is a user-friendly car lift that makes it easier to access the nooks and crannies of your car. This makes for a cleaner all-around vehicle. Think about the last time you pulled out the big sponge or detailing brush and tried to clean around the wheel well or the bottom of the vehicle chassis. In fact, we have a few questions for anyone who has yet to make the leap to a home car lift.

  1. Are you using jack stands to do your auto detailing?
  2. If yes, are you at all nervous that you trust them to allow you to bump, scrub and shake your car as necessary?
  3. If no, do you ever think about the excess strain you’re putting on your body?
  4. And finally, wouldn’t you rather have a car lift?

QuickJack is a safer, more productive way to work

Experts (amateur or professional) are precise about every aspect of their work. Preparing cars for showrooms, trade shows, etc. can be a full-time job. For hobbyists, auto detailing is a passion and a pleasure, and a car lift will surely make your hobby life more enjoyable. That is, if enjoyable to you means safer, easier, more fun and less stressful. (See what we did there?) For pros, a car lift can be the difference between big sales and total bankruptcy, so there’s never room for sloppy craftsmanship.

QuickJack is a simple, elegant tool that makes all parts of your car easier to detail. Because it engages vehicle frames at the lift points, it makes removing and/or servicing the wheels simpler. QuickJack’s push-button controls are much handier than anything in the realm of hydraulic jacks and stands, and its self-locking safety bars make your auto detailing and maintenance activities safer than ever.

Using QuickJack for Easier Car Detailing

Make wheel service easier

Getting deep into your wheel treads is impossible without a lift—or clunky, old-fashioned jack stands. Serious auto detailing means covering every square inch of your vehicle. A good wash/detail protects your paint and your undercoat, and it even extends the life of your vehicle components and wheels. If you don’t want your brake rotors to look the inside of the Titanic after 90 years under the sea—ancient, rusted and gross—get yourself a car lift and enjoy a cleaner, better car life.