Store Anywhere

QuickJack is easy to collapse and store. In fact, a raised QuickJack can be fully lowered and stowed away in less time than it takes you to reheat yesterday’s leftovers. After the initial setup, you’ll be lifting and lowering your car lift like it's nothing at all.

How long can I leave a vehicle stored on QuickJack?
Release QuickJack safety locks to lower

Press "Up" to get safety arms off the lock

To lower the frames, raise the safety arms just over the locks until they disengage from the lock. Note: if lowering from the upper lock position, use a hand or foot to gently lift the arm. The half-moon-shaped lock cam will face downward, and the frames can be lowered.

Push down button to lower QuickJack lift completely

Press “Down” until frames are lowered

Hold the button until the frames are collapsed. The air cylinders will assist the final descent.

Disconnect power unit and hoses to store away

Disconnect and store hoses and power unit

The quick-connect fittings ensure no hydraulic oil leaks into your work area. Don’t forget to attach the protective dust caps!

Store the QuickJack lift anywhere

Roll frames to storage location

How you store your frames is really up to you. You can slide your frames together under the car, stand them up or hang them with QuickJack Wall Hangers. They’re not fragile, so don’t be shy about knocking them around.

Storage benefits of a portable car lift

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