Why we made the XLT Car Lift Series

Most vehicles are supported by one of our SLX car lift models. The lift point spread on most vehicles is within a predictable range, so accommodating that range on a limited number of lifts wasn’t difficult. Of course, we developed an EXT series for extended wheelbases, offering an additional 6” of reach. Unfortunately, even these developments, while innovative and entirely unheard of in the world of portable lifts, were not enough to reach the lift points on some electric vehicles (EVs). You might be surprised to find out why.

Electric Vehicle Lifting Points

Electric Batteries are Game-Changers

Most vehicles sold today feature lift points on a frame or a unibody design with a pinch rail. Some EVs feature lift points that are spread out to the far ends of the vehicle frame. This frame is already longer than other car frames to begin with, so lifting these cars is not a simple task. The lift points are so spread out because the high voltage battery that powers the vehicle is installed under a floor pan at the bottom of the vehicle. The battery is large and takes up most of that space. Lifting or jacking against the battery is extremely dangerous and ill-advised, so the entire undercarriage of the vehicle is off-limits for lifting. This leaves a thin frame panel on either side of the vehicle, and the lift points are at the extreme edges of the wheelbase. That doesn’t leave a lot of room to lift!

Without the BL-6000XLT car lift, the only way to lift this type of EV is with a full-size two-post lift or four-post lift. Other car lift types, such as scissor lifts and other mid-rise lifts, do not have the lift point spread reach, even with provided adapters. If your home garage, auto repair facility, quick-lube station or detail shop lacks the ceiling height for a full-size lift, QuickJack is your best option to safely lift an EV vehicle.

Once lifted, the XLT rests on mechanical locks and has all the same safety features and convenience features of our standard-length SLX. There are only two differences: its 6,000-lb. lifting capacity and super-long frame length (86").