With the recent push toward electric vehicles in California, as well as other states, there is reason to believe the next 10 years will see a decline in combustion vehicles and a steady increase in hybrid/plug-ins. To make life easier for wrenchers who own or operate on these vehicles, QuickJack is releasing a new portable car lift model that safely reaches the lift points of these vehicles.

Red electric vehicle, a Tesla, on the XLT QuickJack car lift.
Electric vehicle on BL-6000XLT

Love it or leave it, but the national landscape is changing in favor of electric-powered cars: more supercharge stations, increased rebates for eco-friendly vehicle leases and purchases, and more governments pushing an electric-friendly agenda. The price tags and repair fees of electric vehicles (EV) can also be expected to drop as more consumers get onboard with EV. Unfortunately, it’s especially difficult for DIY’ers to work on electric vehicles for one crucial reason: there aren’t many low-ceiling lifts that can reach the lift points of these cars. Many electric vehicles have their jack/lift points pushed out to the extreme edges of the vehicle frame. Furthermore, EV batteries take up most of the bottom of the vehicle, and it is extremely dangerous to lift up against the battery. Therefore, EVs have jacking/lifting points that are narrow and spread so far apart that only a full-size two-post or four-post can safely lift them. Home users can also use jacks and stands, but this old-fashioned method is neither efficient nor practical for serious wrenchers.

For homeowners who don’t have the ceiling height for a full car lift, QuickJack redesigned their classic portable lift to be longer and perfectly suited for lifting vehicles with super-long wheelbases, including some popular EV types. QuickJack means for the BL-6000XLT to become the car lift of the future; it’s the only lift that meets the increasing demand for EV home repair and maintenance. Auto detailing shops will also benefit, given that many existing scissor and mid-rise lift options cannot reach the lift points of EVs, even with adapter sets.