We had the chance to speak with the owner of a new, exciting and rapidly growing car channel that you don’t want to miss. Doris is the host of Woman.Driven, a young channel that earned over 15,000 subscribers with less than a month’s worth of published content. She’s been posting every other day, practically—and that takes passion. It didn’t go unnoticed by us that a QuickJack lift appeared in one of her first videos, so we had to catch up and see what her life’s work is all about. Doris drives a 2018 Mustang Shelby GT350, black with a blue stripe that makes us want to shout.

I have to start with a confession. I have a mere 2015 EcoBoost Mustang. Do you think less of me?
Absolutely not. A 2015 EcoBoost Mustang is what got me into Mustangs in the first place. Once Ford came out with the new redesigned look, I fell in love. At the time, my boyfriend had purchased a 2015 EcoBoost, and I fell in love immediately. I drove it more than he did! [laughs] He then sold the car (for a BMW), but I knew after that I wanted a Mustang, and that is where my love for them originated.

What was the moment you knew you were a car enthusiast?
I realized I was a car enthusiast the moment a friend of mine came to school in his new 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4. The look, the sound, the speed (at that time) captivated me. I kept in the shadows for the most part since a girl liking cars was a bit taboo and an easy target to make fun of.

After I got my 2016 Mustang GT, I wanted to work on my car, keep it in good condition and appreciate it. I no longer saw my car as “just a tool” to get from point A to point B: It was more than that. I felt happy and would light up when I would see certain cars I really liked on the street. Gone were the days of caring what people thought. 

Woman tightens lug nut on car with collapsed QuickJack between the wheels
QuickJack makes wheel service a lot easier

What did you do for work before starting the Woman.Driven channel?
I have worked in the IT field for the past 6 years. I currently work as a Systems Engineer for an IT managed services company.

Were you part of other video projects before going on your own?
No, but I created this very same channel back in 2016. I made several videos of my ’16 GT; however, I never posted them. I was nervous and did not think people would watch, so I abandoned that idea.

Where do you hope to take your channel?
I hope my channel is somewhere viewers can go to get inspired and motivated to work on their car, take better care of their car, and just share the passion we feel for the love of cars. I want it to be a fun and positive place for everyone. I do hope to inspire more women to get into the car scene if they feel as passionate about it. I would hope to eventually build up a car or restore one as this channel grows.  

In terms of getting more women to feel passionate about their cars, it’s no secret that over 90% of car video watchers are male. Do you think about that when you put content together? How does it drive your work?
Being part of the car community, I did expect most of the viewers to be male. I am learning and don’t know it all; so naturally, I get nervous when I put a video out. As far as putting content together, honestly, I just do what I love which is just working on my car and enjoying it for what it’s meant.  

What makes you the most excited to do what you do?
Being able to finally attain my dream car makes me the most excited. I still remember the day I couldn’t afford it and had to sell my Mustang GT in order to save, knowing one day I would be able to get a Shelby GT350. I am so happy that I was able to reach this moment and want to share it with everyone. They too can get the car of their dreams.

Why did you go with QuickJack?
I went with QuickJack for the simple reasons of convenience, efficiency and overall safety. Using the conventional floor jack to lift the car was a headache at times. Especially if the car was too low. It also takes some time to get the car up on four jack stands, then back down when finished; however, I will add that the floor jack still has its uses. I just prefer the QuickJack 9.5/10.

What do you hope will be your biggest contribution to car vlogging?
I hope that my biggest contribution to car vlogging is for everyone to be open and share their love for their car; to not be afraid of being judged with any passion or brand loyalty they share. I am just here to be myself and learn. I want to share my experiences and my passion and grow with it. I want to create a positive space for everyone to feel they can do anything they set their mind to. It all starts with taking that one step.

Who should come to your channel? What makes your content stand out?
Anyone and everyone can come to my channel, whether you are a hardcore car enthusiast to a novice starting to learn about cars. I believe what makes my content stand out is I am not afraid to do something I don’t know how to do. I am not a master mechanic or a professional driver, but I will give it my all. My content will show my growth and progression as a woman car enthusiast.

Want to know about Doris and Woman.Driven? Contact her directly, drop comments on her videos and be sure to subscribe to her channel! 

Woman wrenching under car lifted by QuickJack portable car lift
Plenty of undercarriage access