New Accessory: QuickJack Wall Mount Kit

Over the years, we’ve seen many creative storage mounts for QuickJack. One thing you can say about auto enthusiasts: When they want something, nothing stands in their way in making it happen. Until now, we never released wall mounts of our own, but we’ve always encouraged interested parties to come up with personal solutions.

Customer’s homemade wall hangers

Over the years, however, we’ve received more and more requests for official QuickJack wall mounts. If it was convincing we needed to make this happen, we have our active, vocal community to thank for convincing us. The introduction of our official QuickJack wall mount kit is completely due to the many social media posts, emails and in-person requests for such an accessory. Our fans are truly the best.

If People Can Make Their Own, Why Buy These?

It’s certainly possible to come up with your own wall mount kit, as shown by the pictures included earlier in this article. However, not everyone wants to go through the trouble. And if you want the peace of mind that your QuickJack hangers have been designed, engineered and rigorously tested for compatibility with our car lift frames, only the official QuickJack wall mount kit can guarantee perfect fitment and safety. Not to mention, they look great too!

More About the QuickJack Wall Hanger Kit

QuickJack’s brushed-steel wall hangers are made to last, but they’re also designed to look like they belong in a working garage. Whether you have a stunning space that’s fit for prime time television or a small, grease-stained workshop, you’ve probably decorated your space to make it yours. The QuickJack logo that sits atop these hangers is there to help you declare that these frames, these hangers and this space are all yours.

QuickJack wall hangers
QuickJack wall mount kit

These laser-cut beauties are more than just good-looking décor. They were designed and engineered by the same people who designed and engineered QuickJack. Each hanger is over-engineered for your protection, rated for 150% of the weight of each frame.

There’s simply no substitute for the real thing, so if you want wall hangers that combine look & feel with the utmost standards in safety, durability and reliability, you definitely need to check these out.

As always, stayed tuned for more updates and accessories coming your way. As of the publication of this article, our wall mounts are available for pre-order, and it’s first-come, first-serve on the initial shipment. If you want these ASAP, don’t wait to put your order in!