Raul Gonzalez is the proud owner of Tune On The Go, a mobile auto repair business in New York NY. For now, he’s also the sole operator of his company, and we couldn’t help but notice on his Instagram page that he uses a QuickJack to get his mobile auto repair work done.

We believe our car lift is a better, safer portable car lift. We’ve thought of dozens of uses for QuickJack, including auto detailing, at-the-track maintenance and home garage service. But mobile auto repair? That one passed us by! According to the Tune On The Go website, Raul performs oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, fluid changes, wipers and more. We reached out to learn more about his business.

  1. What is Tune on the Go?

Tune On The Go is a mobile automotive shop. We bring shop services to your front door. There’s no need to sit in a shop for hours or waste a day off, we’ll come to you.

Mobile auto repair van parked next to black SUV lifted on QuickJack portable car lift
SUV (right) lifted on QuickJack, ready for work
  1. What gave you the inspiration to do what you do?

I once worked such a crazy-paced life in sales. Never had time for anything, much less time to sit around in a shop waiting for my car to be worked on. I would always hear the same story from coworkers getting their car serviced in shops: wait for hours, can’t make it to the office, need a ride to and from work, etc. Life has to wait for it to be fixed.

Then it hit me. What if they got their car fixed while they were at work or home? I’ve always had the passion for cars and the schooling for it, so I made my vision of a mobile auto repair service happen.

  1. What tools are essential to your work on a daily basis?

Every tool is essential when working on a vehicle. The right tool makes the job a hundred times easier, but by far one of the most essential tools is a jack or car lift. Can’t change oil or brakes if I can’t get under it or take the wheels off.

  1. Why do you use QuickJack?

QuickJack makes lifting a car so much easier. Don’t have to go from corner to corner of the vehicle, jacking it up, putting a stand and then lowering it. With QuickJack, I can have a car fully in the air in 5 minutes and ready to work from the moment I pull into someone’s home driveway or work parking lot.

  1. What do people love about your service… what makes your business unique?

What people love most about my business is the convenience. They don’t have to take the day off, spend a weekend or pay a babysitter to get their car serviced. We come to them with a car lift when it’s best for them. That is what makes Tune On The Go unique.

The Tune on the Go mobile auto repair service can be reached at tuneonthego.com or by phone at 914-548-6748.

White car lifted on QuickJack portable car lift. Top image shows mobile auto repair van with QuickJack power unit on the ground.
Wheels up! Lift locked.