Top 5 Uses for your QuickJack

The QuickJack is quite literally a jack of all trades. It can be used on a wide spectrum of cars and for an even wider spectrum of automotive solutions. But what are these wide-ranging uses? Let’s go over the top 5 uses for the QuickJack in your life. 


QuickJack can be used in a variety of ways, but it is primarily a portable car lift for the home garage. Odds are that most DIY’ers do not have the ceiling height or space for a full-sized car lift. On the other hand, they’re also looking for a safer, more practical solution to jacks and stands. Enter QuickJack. Lowering to a mere 3”, the QuickJack is compact and easy to store in any garage, and its 21” rise gives you the space for a variety of DIY repairs and modifications. With its easy storage capability (especially with our new QuickJack wall hangers) and quick and efficient set-up/use, the QuickJack will revolutionize your home garage setup and DIY capability.

Auto Repair Shop

Most auto repair shops might already have a full-sized car lift installed, ready for use. But the QuickJack isn’t just for use servicing your car at home. With its easy storage, even busy garages have space for this handy tool. All your bays in use? QuickJack. Need to do a quick tire rotation or oil change? QuickJack. With weight capacities up to 7,000-lbs. and an open-center construction, you can perform most of your service needs in a flash­. Compliment your busy two-post lifts and four-post lifts so you can increase your efficiency and revenue.

Auto Detailing

Though it is the perfect tool for repairs and automotive service, the QuickJack also helps keep your pride and joy clean and shiny. The QuickJack makes automotive detailing easier than ever! With its portable and sturdy design, you can lift your detail projects quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. Imagine lifting all four corners of your vehicle at once, which allows you to quickly remove wheels and give it the best wash it’s ever had! QuickJack also helps your back from the pain of stooping over. Best of all, QuickJack’s frames are waterproof which means that no matter how soapy the job gets, your QuickJack will remain in perfect working order. Just make sure to move the power unit out of the way, as it is NOT waterproof.

Mobile Auto Repair

As the auto repair business goes mobile, auto repair has never been more streamlined. Instead of getting towed, or driving to your nearest repair shop, mobile auto repair businesses bring the maintenance to you! With time being such an important commodity in today’s fast-paced society, these mobile repair businesses are all about offering a quick, professional, efficient and—most importantly—portable service. Sound familiar?

The QuickJack is the professional portable car lift that matches the mobile auto repair business. Besides the safety and portability that comes standard with any QuickJack, the power units can also run off your car battery making them the ONLY professional automotive lift with a truly mobile design. Plus, let’s be honest, the QuickJack looks a hundred times more professional than your typical jack and stands combo. Its slick (and quick) design is sure to leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Race track lift

With the fast and rough life out on the race track, you need the best equipment by your side. The old jack and stands combo just doesn’t cut it for those who have a need for speed. That’s what makes the QuickJack the perfect tool for the track, and why it is the jack of choice for many professional racecar drivers. Most repairs require you to lift and drop the vehicle multiple times, something that just isn’t sensible with a jack and stands, even under normal circumstances. The QuickJack lifts up to 21” off the ground in under 60 seconds and gives you plenty of room to make any repair you might need. With a QuickJack by your side on the track, you can rest easy knowing that your car will always be ready for the next race.

Whether you’re detailing your car, making mobile repairs, at the race track, or just doing home and shop repairs, the QuickJack portable car lift is the right tool to get the job done both quickly and safely!