Storage Tips for QuickJack in Any Shop or Garage

Even if you don’t keep the cleanest, tidiest, most picture-worthy garage space, QuickJack stores in virtually any space that you can park a car. In fact, a lot of people get into portable car lifts because of how easy they are to “make disappear” in the garage. As far as I know, QuickJack is the only car lift that fully collapses without any cross-beams or side pillars that stick out and take up extra space, making storage quick and natural. People ask me all the time what’s the best way to store QuickJack. Basically, there are three common storage methods, and they’re all pretty good. It just depends on your garage space and/or personal preferences.

Slammed white Chevrolet truck
This truck has 99 problems and QuickJack is one

Push everything together
QuickJack has a 3” rise, so unless you’ve slammed your truck into the pavement to the point that sparks fly on the highway and your bumper crashes on every speed bump, you’ve probably got plenty of clearance. For garages that are a bit tight on the sides, I have a great solution for you. Simply push the QuickJack frames together and drive your car over them.

NOTE: When I say “drive over QuickJack,” I mean your vehicle’s body can safely drive above the frames. Your wheels should never be on the frames. Alright? Glad we had this talk.

You don’t necessarily have to push the frames together, of course, as long as the frames are safely clear of the inner walls of your vehicle’s wheels. This technique works in virtually every parking, no matter how tight or cluttered the garage may be. If you’re working in the garage, use QuickJack’s provided handles to reach and grab your car lift frames and pull them out toward the lift points of your vehicle when you’re ready to get to work. This method is also great for family garages because the tucked-in frames won’t interfere with walking areas. In other words, kids won’t trip on them, etc.

Blue Corvette Z06 in front of garage
Narrow garage? No problem!

Spread the frames wide
Another popular storage method is to keep the frames spread wide beside your parked vehicle. If you have a dedicated garage space where you do a lot of work (and kids aren’t running around), this is probably the fastest way to access QuickJack. When you pull your vehicle into the garage, the frames should be clear of the outer wheel walls, allowing you to push the frames in and toward the lift points. This storage method leaves QuickJack a little more visible in your garage, but a lot of people like being able to set the frames up with minimal frame movement required.

Hidden against the wall
Two QuickJack frames stacked against garage wallSome people store their frames one on top of the other, while others keep them side-by-side. The power unit can also rest on a work table nearby or right there on the frames, keeping your entire assembly together. This against-the-wall method is probably the most common means of storage, given how easy it is to roll the frames in and out of the garage, to and from the driveway, etc. QuickJack’s wheels are key to its portability and make choosing and changing storage space(s) pretty easy.

Hang ‘em up
I encountered this on the Internet recently and thought it was brilliant. Even a newbie wouldn’t have much trouble rigging up something like this:

QuickJack DIY wall mount

QuickJack hasn’t done this and tested it officially, so we’re not to be held liable if the mount fails, but you guys are smart and already knew that. By all means, carefully mounting your frames looks like a great long-term storage solution. After seeing this, I’m going to be on the lookout for more innovative storage ideas.

Here’s another hanging setup that’s probably the sexiest and most complete upright portable car lift storage rig I’ve ever seen. Not only do the frames look secure on the upper hooks, but the hoses are looped, free of any pinch-points, and the power unit and rubber blocks share their own shelf. As a final touch, I love the straps added to the frame, keeping the cylinders extra-secure in the upright position. The only improvement I see is that this person should add some hydraulic dust caps to the frame’s quick-connect fittings. A single set will easily last a lifetime, and they completely eliminate scratching, as well as the accumulation of dust and debris. Other than that: perfecto!

QuickJack hanging off a custom DIY wall mount

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TL;DR: The QuickJack lift assembly can be stowed by spreading the frames wide and parking between them, pushing the frames together and parking over them or pushing the frames against the wall. They can also be hung on a DIY wall mount.