QuickJack’s Amazing SEMA Show 2017

Now that the SEMA Show is over, we’re thankful for one thing: we have a full year to figure out how we’re going to top this year’s show. For now, we’re happy to just look back on the last week with a big ear-to-ear grin. Just about everything we hoped would happen, happened. People like you come to SEMA every year looking for exciting products, and judging by the number of people surrounding our tent, our QuickJack was a show-stopper. Yes, we sold a ton of portable car lifts. But more importantly, we left the show more convinced than ever that our car lift is inspiring car lovers and “lifting” spirits across the world.

We can’t tell you how many seasoned mechanics came up to us asking, “Where was this twenty years ago?” Likewise, plenty of young techs who had never even seen or heard of a portable car lift before were quick to scoop one up. The video below gives you an idea of what it looked like to visit the outdoor QuickJack tent at SEMA.

Additionally, our amazing team worked together to make this the biggest and best showing of QuickJack’s young existence. Here’s what some of our team members have to say about their SEMA experience.

Jeff Kritzer, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing
“QuickJack goes to SEMA every year and wouldn’t miss it for the world. Some people dream of going their whole lives and never take the opportunity. I always say, if nothing else, it’s a car show and you’re in Vegas, so what’s the holdup? If you like cars, new tech, equipment, whatever it is, there’s something for everyone.”

Pat Weber, Director of Sales & Business Development
“SEMA is one of the most important things we do all year as a business. It’s a place for industry professionals to connect, and almost every smart businessperson who goes is going to bring back more business and a better understanding of their customers. It’s a must-see opportunity unlike anything in the world.”

Tyler Rex, Digital Marketing Manager
“Getting to answer people’s questions about QuickJack in person is my favorite part of SEMA. Our car lift is absolutely one-of-a-kind, so if we don’t go the extra mile to get the word out, people are going to stick with basic floor jacks just because jacks and stands are so familiar.”

Max Glassburg, Creative Content Writer
“I enjoyed being able to step away from my ‘normal activities’ and take in the excitement and pace of the SEMA Show. It’s a great learning experience to be able to sell QuickJack directly to show attendees and hear for myself the questions they brought to the table. I couldn’t ask for a more powerful way to connect with our audience and use the experience to better help our customers before and especially after they get their car lift.”

Last but not least, we’ve been assembling hundreds of photos taken by our own team, as well as satisfied customers and excited event-goers. Here’s a sample of our SEMA photo gallery. Now is still a great time to pick up your QuickJack car lift, especially if you want to secure your shipment before the holiday rush!