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We can FINALLY announce that the worst-kept secret about our car lift company is being unveiled on Velocity Channel’s Inside West Coast Customs on Tuesday, April 11 at 9/8C. In late 2016, we unveiled a surprise at the SEMA Show: a few custom builds by West Coast Customs. What we didn’t say was that the show was planning to feature that build on the next season of Inside West Coast Customs. Not too shabby, right?

stangThe story itself is worthy of some attention, as we took a while to get our stuff together and didn’t realize SEMA was right around the corner until summertime. Lucky for us, Ryan rushed out to meet us in sunny Santa Paula to see what we needed, and he agreed to several build requests. It was cool. And they brought cameras. Which was really cool.

Without giving too much away, the entire project put us all against tight deadlines, but the end result was worth it. Our Mustang, Ford Raptor and trailer continue to service our marketing to this date, and we’re going to unveil some of those moments in the near future.

The episode isn’t only about us. It’s called “The Mad Dash to SEMA,” and we’re excited about the other stuff that’s going to be shown. The QuickJack car lift system and its custom builds are definitely a part of the madness. If you couldn’t attend SEMA 2016 or want to relive some of the glory, you’re going to love this episode.

Final shout-out to West Coast Customs. They certainly didn’t need to agree to give us a last-minute job and put themselves—and us—against the wire, but we’re thankful that they did. We promise to all our loyal fans that after Tuesday, when the dust settles and we’re all Hollywood famous and stuff, we’re not going to let fame change us. We’ll be the same spunky car lift company that offers badass exclusive video content. But we wouldn’t mind our own reality dating show. And a trained cigarette-smoking chimpanzee. And a waterbed.

TL;DR: The new season of Inside West Coast Customs airs Tuesday at 9/8C only on Velocity Channel. “The Mad Dash to SEMA” episode featuring QuickJack airs April 11, 2017.