See QuickJack on TV and want to know more?

QuickJack Lift TV commercial

Thanks for making it to our site! First off, let us say one thing: if you browse the Why QuickJack page on our website, you’ll find a whole bunch of reasons we think QuickJack is a revolutionary car jack. We’re not shy about facing up to our competitors, either, so don’t be surprised when you see some brutally honest, stats-driven comparisons to EZcarlift™ (a main portable car jack competitor trying to get your attention, as well as other car jack options.)

The seven-second video below shows someone trying to push a car off our car jack. We encourage you to watch it to get a sense of how safe you’ll be during maintenance with QuickJack.

QuickJack Stability Video

In the video, the car you see is not raised to QuickJack’s max extension—we’re working on getting you a video that shows a vehicle being shoved atop a fully-risen QuickJack. (It won’t fall—promise.) In fact, our engineers even tell us that physics works in favor of QuickJack’s safety at the full rise position. Ladies and gentlemen, safety is not an issue with our portable car jack, and no jack stand is necessary when you use it. QuickJack’s automatic safety locks fall neatly into place at the mid and max extension points, providing an additional level of safety assurance.

Want more proof that Quick Jack is the safest portable car jack on the market?

We’re not making empty “sales talk” at you guys. QuickJack is safer than something like EZcarlift or the many other car jack options out there because we have the only independently-awarded safety certification that matters for any advanced car jack: the rigorous 98/37/EC Machinery Directive and the Harmonized Standard for vehicle lifts, EN-1493. You can read more about our QuickJack safety certification. There’s no other portable car jack that can brag about that.

QuickJack CE safety certificate

So yes, QuickJack is safer, less expensive and more portable than the competition. QuickJack also promises the following: it has no crossbeams whatsoever; features weight capacity options of 3,500 lbs. / 5,000 lbs. / 7,000 lbs.; rises to its full height 20″ in 30 seconds with the touch of a button; engages automatic safety locks at the mid and max levels; shows a low 3″ profile when collapsed; constructed from high-grade, 14-gauge cold-formed steel; makes your life as a DIY’er easier and more enjoyable.