QuickJack and Cameron Parsons on the track!

QuickJack and Cameron Parsons

QuickJack recently partnered with Cameron Parsons of Parsons Racing, and this partnership has already begun to bear fruit. We showed how a QuickJack could come in handy out on the track, and obviously Cameron Parsons and the team at Parsons Racing agree.  

This partnership came right in time for Cameron, whose number 83 yellow Camaro recently suffered from mechanical issues on the track. In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about Cameron and Parsons Racing, and why QuickJack is the perfect partner for any professional racecar driver!

Who is this Cameron Parsons fellow and what is Parsons Racing?

Cameron Parsons is a veteran driver with 20 years of experience driving a variety of car classes from Go-Karts to his Formula Mazda. Cameron grew his love for the sport at a young age, starting out racing Go-Karts when he was just 11 years old. With his unique driving style that is both aggressive and safe, Cameron quickly moved up in the Karting world and showed his talent by winning several championships throughout the years.

Making the switch to Formula cars in 2009, he is finally making his debut season in the world of Trans Am. After proving his mettle on the track, Cameron opened up for business. The motorsport team from Parsons Racing provides dedicated services to his fellow racers including trackside support, coaching services and driver development.

Cameron works personally with every client helping them develop and hone their racing skills. As a driver himself, Cameron can offer a level of understanding and insight that can only come from a long racing career. With his outgoing attitude on and off the track, the relationships he has cultivated over the years are surely invaluable to any new or aspiring drivers.

Cameron is currently participating in the Trans Am West Coast Championship with his Trans Am TA2 Camaro. And with QuickJack by his side for the rest of the 2019 season, we are sure that Cameron and his team are going to impress everyone in the races to come.

Cameron’s Tans Am TA2 Camaro

QuickJack saves the day

With the start of the new season just beginning for Cameron in the Trans Am West Coast Championship, the team’s new QuickJack is already proving its worth. After practice for the 2nd race of the series, Cameron’s Chevrolet Camaro was starting to have some serious issues. His alternator wasn’t putting out enough power for the car to run. Unfortunately, Cameron wasn’t able to run in the Qualifying round, but he would still be allowed to race. If he could get the car fixed in time.

Parson’s Racing got to work, borrowing an alternator from a fellow driver and rushing to make the fix. As Cameron explains in the video below, the QuickJack showed why it’s such an invaluable tool for a professional racecar driver to have. The problem with the alternator forced the team to raise and drop the car repeatedly, something that would have taken far longer with the traditional jack and jack stands. The QuickJack can lift a car in under 30 seconds when used properly, allowing the team to put the car down and test it out.

Thanks to their QuickJack, the team saved hours of precious time on the repair and was able to get the car fixed in time for the race. Starting in 10th (thanks to his unfortunate issue,) Cameron ran a great race, and in the end he was able to snag 3rd place!

QuickJack saves the day

When it comes to racing, every second counts. The time spent working on any mechanical fix is vital as it can often cost you the race! As Cameron can attest after his 2nd race in the Trans Am West Coast Championship series, a QuickJack in the paddock will shave hours off any time spent fine-tuning.

Not only is it saving you time, but it’s also saving you effort! With a QuickJack, the energy spent jacking up a car can be saved for the track as your car is lifted at the press of a button.

The bottom line is, if time is important to you, then the QuickJack is the way to go. With Cameron and his team leading the way with this new partnership, we hope drivers everywhere will soon come to see just how powerful a tool our portable car lift can be!