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From now until March 31, 2017, the QuickJack BL-3500SLX will be on sale for $999.

We know what you’re thinking: “Christmas is over and now they’re running a promotion?” The truth is, we haven’t had to discount because these things are flying out the door as fast as we can make them, but our newer, larger capacity models are hogging all the limelight. Heck, seems like if we made a 50-ton capacity model for lifting trains, it would become the new flavor of the month. The poor BL-3500SLX, with its small coupe lifting capacity, is feeling left out, so we’re just trying to give it the love it deserves. After all, it’s the model that started it all.

By the way, happy birthday, 3500-pound dude. Its’ been two spectacular years since QuickJack hit the market. Hope there are many more to come!

This sale may not be the most “dollar smart” business decision, but your continued support and belief in our product is our most valuable asset. If you’re interested, take two minutes with this measuring guide to tell if the BL-3500SLX is right for your car. It may be the little guy on the block, but it packs a big punch.

Vehicle raised on QuickJack with clear undercarriage shown.
Open-center access makes QuickJack the perfect workman’s tool

Simply put, there are thousands of racers and DIY’ers out there who would benefit from a portable car lift that replaces hydraulic jacks and stands at the track or at home. So why are we offering this unprecedented discount now? For one, we want to thank our racing community for being there from the start: QuickJack was initially invented to serve you better in getting your tires swaps and tuning jobs done fast. You guys inspire us to work harder and do right by the community.

From the durable urethane wheels, to the rugged 14-gauge steel construction, to the open-center design, to the optional portable DC power units, to the 30-second lift time, etc., QuickJack is guaranteed to make auto maintenance easier.

And for those of you who don’t necessarily do as much repair or maintenance from home, QuickJack gives you 21” of rise, making detailing and washing jobs more comfortable than ever. Everyone can (and should) do their own wheel swaps, and QuickJack makes getting familiar with the workings of your car more enjoyable. Folks out there are tired of stressing out over clunky, junky X-brand jack stands from the local discount super-mart. We’re proud to have made a car lift that helps you work easier, faster and most importantly, SAFER.

Vehicle covered in soap and water raised on a QuickJack.

While QuickJack is already a great deal, this latest promotion is your last chance to get an exceptional, brand new portable car lift at bargain-barrel pricing. We don’t expect people who have been considering one of these lifts to sit on this for long, and the deal is good only as long as our current supplies last (or March 31st, whichever comes first). We’re not usually so “salesy” on this blog, but we’re excited to kick off 2017 by getting as many of these lifts into new homes as possible.

Call us or order online and get your BL-3500SLX for only $999.