What’s Next for QuickJack in 2018?

2017 is almost over, which is hard to believe (we know). This has arguably been the busiest year since QuickJack was first invented. Our car lift went through several big updates, and we released several new products, such as pinch-weld blocks and the JackPak portable jump starter. We also released the extended-length EXT series for vehicles with longer wheelbases. This raises the question, “What’s next for QuickJack in 2018?” As it turns out, a lot! Here’s what we know so far.

New BL-6000XLT car lift model
The 6,000-lb. capacity BL-6000XLT features a super-long frame that’s meant for high-end electric vehicles with very long wheelbases. Some of these vehicles have wheelbases so long, the EXT series isn’t long enough. The XLT model will be the first low-rise car lift capable of lifting these vehicles, so it’ll be a must-have tool for detail shops and auto shops that want a zero-footprint lift to work on electric vehicles. As electric vehicles become more popular, we expect to see more of them in home garages too. This means DIY’ers are going to want a means to safely conduct simple repairs. We have more to say about our electric vehicle car lift here. Estimated availability: spring of 2018.

Rendering of red Tesla on a QuickJack car lift.
Electric vehicle on QuickJack BL-6000XLT

Bolt-on extension frame for SLX models
This is an exciting new development that effectively makes your BL-5000SLX or BL-7000SLX the same length as an EXT model (it adds 6″). The extension is made to accommodate the SLX frame as it currently exists, so the bolts fit right into the current design. The frame is machined from durable stainless steel, and it offers a safety rating comparable to the actual EXT frame. This means you can lift your longer-wheelbase vehicle and keep it raised indefinitely. When you’re done, unbolting is a fast and simple process that puts your SLX back to its original form. The extension frame is a smart solution for anyone lifting multiple vehicles with varied wheelbases. Keep in mind, though, the extension adds 1.5″ to the overall collapsed height of the frames. Estimated availability: spring of 2018.

Rendering of QuickJack extension on top of a faded-out frame.
Bolt-on extension accessory increases lift point spread 6″

New 50,000 sq. ft. expansion coming 2018
To keep up with increasing demand, we’re expanding our headquarters for the second year in a row. In 2017, we unveiled a 70,000 sq. ft. shipping and receiving facility that has allowed us to hold more product and come closer to our ultimate goal of achieving 100% same-day shipping. The new 50,000 sq. ft. building will offer yet another increase in efficiency. The more space we have, the more product we can hold, the faster we can ship to you, and the more we can do to control costs and increase value. We expect to break ground on the expansion early 2018 and complete construction that same year.

Rendering of BendPak's 50,000 sq. ft. 2018 expansion.
Rendering of BendPak’s 50,000 sq. ft. 2018 expansion

New Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
For even more effective same-day delivery and after sale service, we’re adopting new methods to improve interactions with customers. Some of this is software-related, but the result will be faster response times, more accurate answers, improved record-keeping and smoother cross-departmental communication. We’re pretty excited about it.

More incentives to stay tuned
Throughout the year, subscribers to our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel and email subscriber list have been treated to special deals, alerts on important updates and other cool news. There’s a lot coming in 2018, so be sure to stay tuned to get exclusive deals and info on everything QuickJack.