New QuickJack Accessories

It’s 2020, and QuickJack is starting the year off with all new products and updates that have been long-awaited by our QuickJack users. But this is only the beginning of a year that is sure to be full of surprises and updates that will keep you on your toes. First, let’s go over some of the newest accessories designed to make your QuickJack experience more efficient and more accessible than ever before.

The CrossBeam Adapter

The QuickJack CrossBeam Adapter is one of our newest adaptor kits designed specifically for trucks and cars with offset lifting points. Although it is possible to lift these vehicles with the QuickJack frames placed sideways, this often obstructs part of the undercarriage. The CrossBeam Adaptor accessory allows you to reach nearly any lifting points without hindering your work underneath. With durable, sliding lift pads, you can easily adapt your QuickJack to fit any project that comes into your garage.

Round Pinch Weld Pucks

Sold in a complete set of four, our new Round Pinch Weld Pucks are the perfect addition to any QuickJack lifting vehicles with pinch-weld rails. With unibody vehicles, it is easy for standard lifting pads to cause slight damage to your undercarriage or pinch-weld access points. While QuickJack Pinch Weld Blocks are a great and versatile solution to this issue, these too can potentially cause problems with any overhanging material surrounding the lifting points on some trucks and cars. That’s why last year we rolled out the Round Pinch Weld Adapters, overdesigned to grip your pinch-weld with precision while eliminating any risk of damage to your undercarriage. Fitting comfortably in the lifting trays of any QuickJack model, and with the same damage-resistant polyurethane material as all of our lifting pad adapters, these pinch weld pucks are a must-have accessory for keeping any trade-show cars or exotics in tip-top condition.

QuickJack Wall Hangers

Though the QuickJack frames fold up to a mere three inches, storing them in a safe place where they are easy to reach and aren’t at risk of being damaged or tripping anyone up, can sometimes be challenging to do. That’s why we came up with our revolutionary QuickJack Wall Hangers, everyone’s favorite new QuickJack accessory. With just these two hangers (sold as a pair of course) you can hang your QuickJacks up like a towel in a bathroom, storing them comfortably and safely away while still keeping them within easy reach. When installed correctly, each durable wall hanger is built to support any of our QuickJack models indefinitely and with the stylish green color and artfully crafted QuickJack logo, you’ll have a permanent QuickJack setup that any car-lover is sure to envy.

With all of these QuickJack accessories available to help you get the job done right, and with more surely on the way, there’s no excuse not to invest in the only carjack you’ll ever need!