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Hybrid and electric cars have a reputation for being tricky little devils when it comes to home auto repair. However, the reality is that there is actually plenty of maintenance you can do at home, and QuickJack can help with that. If you and/or your family members use hybrid and electric cars for daily drivers, don’t be shocked to see your regularly scheduled maintenance become less frequent and less costly.

The most significant cost you might someday face with a hybrid is battery replacement, which can range from $3,000 – $5,000 (or more). Since hybrid batteries on a new Toyota hybrid (arguably the most trustworthy and experienced hybrid battery maker) come with an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty, you’re covered for a longer period of time than most powertrain warranties on gas vehicles. So, even if your battery needs to be replaced in that time, it’s covered under warranty.

All things considered, a new or gently worn hybrid or electric battery system from a reputable company should last a long while. Battery replacement is similar in cost to transmission replacement, and since the use of the battery reduces wear on the transmission, you’re less likely to need to replace the transmission. In other words, gas-powered cars may one-day experience transmission failure, and hybrid and electric cars may one-day experience battery failure. Pick your poison.

Here are some additional QuickJack maintenance ideas for hybrid and electric cars.

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Brake pads
Hybrid/electric systems usually use a brake system called regenerative braking, which harnesses electricity to store in the battery. When the brake pedal is applied, less wear occurs on the brake pads. That means you can drive significantly farther without having to change the brake pads. The pads should last at least 40,000 miles before requiring a change. They can even go as far as 75,000 miles. QuickJack is going to make those changes easy and safe, saving you a few hundred bucks at the shop for each set of tires.

Suspension work
QuickJack leaves vehicle suspensions hanging, so accessing front and rear suspensions no different than any combustion vehicle. If struts or shocks ever need to be replaced, which is probably a once-in-a-vehicle-lifetime occurrence, if ever, QuickJack makes suspension replacement and tuning easy.

Hybrid battery maintenance
This is the only task on the list that doesn’t require QuickJack, but it’s important, so it should be included. Your battery system is mostly zero-maintenance, but it does use water that needs to be refilled occasionally. Check on that while you’re doing other repairs, or at least take a peek once a month. Transmission fluid and coolants should be checked at that time too.

Oil changes (hybrid only)
This is no more complicated than it is on any combustion engine, despite what we hear about how hard it is to work on new cars. Sure, there might be an engine cover to take off, but that’s why you need QuickJack. Our car lift will give you the clearance you need to unbolt the cover and access the oil drain. Simple tasks like changing your oil can be time-consuming without a lift, so even if this is the most common maintenance you perform, QuickJack will make the job safer and faster than with any other means of lifting a vehicle. Oil only needs to be changed on hybrids every 7,500 miles or so, depending on your vehicle. Between QuickJack and your hybrid system, that’s a lot of savings, in both time and money.

Tire rotations
QuickJack is the only portable car lift that lets you perform all your auto maintenance. Other wheel-engaging home lifts still require a hydraulic jack to lift the wheel off the ramp/platform, whereas QuickJack engages your vehicle’s frame and gets it to the perfect height for tire rotations in your home garage or driveway. And since you don’t have to set stands at every corner and just hope that nothing’s going to get nudged and fall on you, QuickJack offers greater peace-of-mind. You’re more likely to keep up with your scheduled maintenance work if you feel safe, and that alone makes QuickJack worth every penny.