Using QuickJack to Install Magnaflow® Cat Back Exhaust

As part of our YouTube series QuickJack Gets to Work, our very own Dave installed a Magnaflow® Street Series Cat Back Exhaust System. The system, as well as the 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost, belonged to a friend of ours. Dave is our resident auto expert, and to top off our “QuickJack Gets to Work” series, he got down-n-dirty with QuickJack to get the cat back installed.

Picking the Right Exhaust

There are so many exhausts out there to choose from. This particular cat back system is among the higher-end choices, arguably. It was chosen for its deeper tone. Magnaflow does make Competition Series for the Mustang Ecoboost, but the owner preferred the quieter, still rumbly and less neighbor-wakey system for his daily driver.

QuickJack Makes the Job Easier

Anyone who works on cars will agree: The most convenient way to install exhaust systems is with a full-size two-post lift or four-post lift. However, the reality is that not everyone has the money, space and/or ability to get a full-size car lift. For years, the only alternatives have been floor jacks and jack stands. They work, but no one really likes working with them. If you’re looking for a solution to your lifting woes, QuickJack is more than a mere compromise. It offers total peace of mind, ease of use and efficiency for all exhaust system installations.

Living the DIY Dream

Exhaust system installations happen once in a blue moon for most car owners. Unless you work in an auto shop or have your own YouTube channel, you’re probably not pulling out pipes very often. However, if and when you do this kind of work, you need the right equipment. There needs to be enough room for you to slide under your car, whether you’re on your back or using a creeper. You’ll also want to know that your vehicle is virtually unshakeable with its wheels off the ground. As you can see in the video above, QuickJack checks off every box: It gets high enough to operate your tools, and there are virtually zero safety concerns while crawling around underneath your car.

Not So Exhausting

Beyond exhaust work, a portable car lift is ideal for wheel service, detailing, suspension tuning, body work, etc. In all likelihood, most of what you do is going to be around the car, not underneath it. All the same, you deserve a lift that promises to do it all, and only QuickJack can fulfill that promise.

P.S. If you listen carefully to the test drive portion of the video, you might hear the whoosh of the Mustang’s AEM cold air intake as the car pulls away. Who doesn’t love the enhanced sound of a turbo?

White Mustang on QuickJack portable car lift
Ready for install!