How to Prime the QuickJack Hydraulic Pump

 “Help! My QuickJack is set up perfectly, but when I push the button, nothing happens!” 

Not to worry fine citizen! If you’ve pressed ‘UP’ and can hear that your QuickJack’s motor is running, but the lift is not moving, just follow our simple QuickJack priming procedure to save the day! Though this is a rare occurrence, all hydraulic systems are susceptible to this issue when air is in the system. It’s natural for hydraulic pumps to become what we call ‘air locked’, and it doesn’t mean your QuickJack, or hydraulic pump is broken. So why does air lock happen, and what does this so called priming procedure do to fix it?

Why Air Lock Happens

It’s simple really. Your hydraulic pump by itself doesn’t have the power to pull fluid from one location to another. The fluid and the pump have to work together through centrifugal force to give your machine the power to pull any fluid. So if your pump is pulling only air, it can’t function properly. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy fix to any air lock situation! All you need to do is prime the pump by getting some fluid into the inner gears of your pump. This will give your hydraulic pump the power to start pulling fluid naturally.

Does Air Lock Hurt My Pump?

Nope. Not at all. But when air lock does occur, hydraulic fluid has a hard time making its way through the pump and into your QuickJack frames. Priming your hydraulic will solve this issue and get you lifting in no time.

Priming Procedure

So how do I prime my hydraulic pump? Easy. Put Optimus Prime on top of your pump and let him do all the hard work… Now your pump is Optimus primed.

Okay. We apologize, that pun was terrible. Here’s the real way it’s done:

You prime your pump by making sure there is enough fluid in the system for the pump to pull the rest of the fluid through. Though the procedure may be different depending on what type of pump you’re using, priming your hydraulic pump is the same no matter how it’s done.  For example, when making wine, a hydraulic pump is used to rack the wine from the barrel into a tank. If the pump gets air locked, you simply need to raise the hose and use gravity to get the wine into the pump. Once a little bit goes through the pump will have the power to rapidly pull the rest of the wine from the barrel and into the tank. The same basic principle applies to the QuickJack hydraulic pump.

Why Does Air Lock Happen on the QuickJack?

Though it happens very rarely, you may hear that your QuickJack is running, but your portable car lift isn’t lifting! Why does this happen? This happens because the QuickJack uses a hydraulic pump to push hydraulic fluid to each lifting frame. As the pressure builds, the frames rise and lift your vehicle.  As we just learned, all hydraulic pumps (by design) can become air locked. Even though it’s rare for QuickJack’s power unit to have this problem, it can happen, so we put together a simple five-step priming procedure in the rare event that it does.

Of course, if you’re still experiencing problems with your QuickJack or need help with the priming procedure, give us a call at 1-888-262-3880 or email!