How To Love A Car Properly, A Valentine’s Guide

The love between a man, or woman, and their car is a special bond that may come around only once in a lifetime. This Valentine’s Day you want to make sure you’re doing the most for your vehicle to show how much it really means to you. That means getting it the best gifts, and pampering it with the best tools and accessories around. So study up boys and girls, and learn how to really show your car some love, both physically and emotionally.

Showing your car love is all about the little things. That special relationship you have isn’t all about you, it’s time to give as much as you receive. Paying regular attention to your vehicles is as important as buying the proper gifts for the special four-wheeler in your life.

We recommend starting with a good assortment of lube. Proper lubrication is important to every car and truck to keep those cylinders pumping and crankshafts turning with as little friction as possible—letting that engine run a long, long time. Of course, you can’t forget the drivetrain or chassis either, so make sure to take care of that Powerglide and grease those ball-joints. We know there are many choices of lube out there—especially online, so we suggest checking your vehicle owner’s manual for factory recommendations.

Now, you know you do some of your best work when you’re underneath your vehicle. But it’s important that you have a safe and sturdy tool to help get it up, and also gives you the space to remove… well, whatever needs removing. And nothing helps you lift more safely or comfortably than the QuickJack. If you don’t already have one, show your car some love and get it a toy that it will use for the rest of its life, something you can both enjoy.

Though QuickJack is a great all-around investment for your ride, every vehicle is different and some may have a few special requirements. That’s why QuickJack has a full line of accessories, allowing you to use multiple positions when getting down to work. Make sure you pay attention to all the little details and remember it’s important that you consider what will work best for you and your vehicle, so that you both can easily work out all the little kinks.

But QuickJack isn’t the only important toy to invest in. Sometimes things might get a little flat, or the spark just isn’t there anymore. That’s why we’ve got you the perfect little booster to get you through the tough times… The JackPak is yet another great Valentine’s Day gift for the special one in your garage and is there whenever you need just a little extra help. So you and your car can drive happily off into the sunset, without having to worry about those little bumps in the road.

Whatever you get your car for Valentine’s Day this year, show it how much it means to you and get things going right! Because when it comes to the love between someone and their vehicle, only those who have felt it can truly understand it.