1. Spend less TODAY

Big purchases are called investments for a reason: the financial payoff usually comes down the road, and they aren’t easy decisions. If you’re going to spend $800+ on any type of equipment, such as a portable car lift, you want to be sure you get what you pay for. There are so many garage lifts and car jacks out there, and the QuickJack is hardly the first. But we are proud to call ourselves the BEST portable car lift. The good news is that our customers actually pay less on day one, compared to our competitors. Our baseline portable car lift model costs under $900. You won’t find quality at that price anywhere else. If your lifting capacity needs take you beyond our baseline model’s capabilities, our competitive pricing on our other QuickJack models means you’re still paying less than the competition… and getting more!

2. Save more in the long run

QuickJack embraces the DIY community because we come from the DIY community. Auto shops—even when you finally manage to find a good one—are expensive. (Seriously, it’s ridiculous.) If the only thing preventing you from saving thousands on labor and body shop-ordered parts is a safe, reliable portable car lift, QuickJack is the name you can trust to get the job done. Car detailing, tire changes, steering alignments, complete undercarriage access, you name it. With an open-center design, chances are the QuickJack portable car lift is the only garage lift you’ll ever need. Because all QuickJack models are made from powerful 14-gauge welded steel frames, you never have to worry about this car lift failing on you when it’s properly used. Remember in point #1 when we said QuickJack is an investment? You’re investing in a product that’s going to last and save you thousands down the road.

3. Designed for optimum efficiency

With a simple touch of a push-button, QuickJack raises to its maximum height extension in just 30 seconds. No hand drills, cranks, or pumps required on this car lift! Plus, QuickJack boasts a 60-second stow to go time, which means when you’re ready to get to work, you can set up your garage lift in less time than it takes to pump your own gas. And when you’re raising your baby on your lift (still talking about your car here), QuickJack’s automatic safety locks engage to keep your cargo secure. When you’re done for the day, QuickJack collapses to a low-profile 3-inch frame. The most efficient portable car lift ever made is available for you today.

4. Only pay for what you need

One thing that really sets QuickJack apart from other portable car lifts is our attention to customer service. Our competitors have one thing in common: they make a single garage lift and convince you its best for you. Not at QuickJack. With four models to choose from, the difference is lifting capacity. If you drive a compact two-door sedan and plan to keep it that way, why should you pay for the lifting capacity of a small truck? And likewise, if you drive a small truck, why should you pay more out-of-pocket with our competitors when the QuickJack portable car lift offers a higher lifting capacity (7,000 lbs. for our max-capable model) for less? Ultimately, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with QuickJack, our 30-day return policy ensures this portable car lift is a no-risk purchase for you. Leasing options are available and we offer free domestic shipping. With QuickJack, only EVER pay for what you need.

5. Safety Matters

The quality QuickJack offers means more to us than boasting points on our website. You can spend $50-200+ on a traditional car jack from your local convenience supercenter, but let’s face it: your life is worth more than that. Auto maintenance and repair can be done safely with the right equipment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012, professional car mechanics faced more dangerous working conditions than firefighters. For the average DIY worker, this puts safety at a premium. Not to reduce the effects of injury and loss to purely financial terms, but if a car lift fails due to faulty or improperly used equipment, the costs can be enormous. Hospital bills, vehicle damages, etc. will add up and take time out of your life. QuickJack’s portable car lift is designed to be safe, ultra high-quality and dependable whenever it’s used properly. Don’t waste time and money on inferior car stands and jacks. Go with QuickJack.