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Yesterday we set up both of our booths at SEMA, and we’re pumped to rock this show. Not to jump the gun, toot our own horn, get ahead of ourselves or be overly braggadocious or anything, but we’re pretty much best-looking booth here.

QuickJack sign in front of red Corvette and motorcycles at SEMA 2016 Las Vegas

As you can see by our big, flashy sign, we’re slashing prices on every QuickJack model. This special is a SEMA exclusive, so if you’re going to be in Vegas / SEMA from now until November 4th and you’ve been thinking about getting a QuickJack for your garage or shop, this is a great opportunity. Click here to reserve your SEMA pass.

As a company, QuickJack is growing in a big way. It’s rare for a new product to gain as much traction as we have in just two years of operation, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us. To celebrate our success and really get our name out more than we already have, we recently commissioned a few custom-made vehicles, complete with bold green wraps and QuickJack logo decals. They’re pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves (More on our exciting partnership with the guys who made these vehicles coming soon.)

Besides showing off our new toys, our primary goal at SEMA is to showcase our ability to service both light-duty trucks and low-bodied sport/muscle cars (and everything in between). Our BL-7000SLX models, for instance, continue to fly off the racks as fast as we can make them. SEMA is a great opportunity to order one of our highly sought-after 7000 models at a great price. Of course, the 3500 and 5000 SLX units are available, as well.

Red Corvette indoors at QuickJack booth at SEMA 2016 Las Vegas

Check out our SEMA guide for some tips on how to have the best experience while you’re here. It’s going to be sunny and 70 – 80°F all week in Vegas, so come enjoy the nice weather, have a decent meal and explore some of the many fine auto industry innovations of 2016, including QuickJack. See you here!

Green QuickJack Ford Raptor build by West Coast Customs on top of lifted portable car lift frames