QuickJack Car Lift Teams up with YourMechanic

A few months ago, we began receiving a lot of photos of awesome auto detail and repair work using the QuickJack car lift, many of which we proudly share with the world. Sometimes we can hardly keep up with the flow! In addition to the auto detail field, photos began coming in from mobile auto repair technicians.

All the tools you need for mobile auto repair

Mobile auto repair? That’s the most brilliant idea we’ve ever heard. So brilliant, in fact, that we knew we had to find these techs to make sure they know QuickJack is not just the car lift they want, but the on-the-go repair tool they need. All of us felt that mobile mechanics were probably using jacks and stands, and they probably weren’t entirely happy about that—but if you don’t know about QuickJack, what else is there?

QuickJack near a curb, lifting a car.
QuickJack car lift works wherever you need it for mobile auto repair

Turns out our intuition brought us in the right direction. The above image comes from Rocco, a YourMechanic technician who uses QuickJack on a daily basisYourMechanic is a mobile auto repair service that sends their certified mechanics out to homes and offices across the country. More of his work can be found on his Instagram page. You can’t take a car lift with you, so they tend to use jacks and stands for undercarriage work. When we reached out, they were just as excited as we were. Finally, the world of mobile auto repair could benefit from a car lift that stows away with a minimal footprint and is easy to move around.

QuickJack car lift raising vehicle with no wheels.
Tune on the Go does mobile auto repair in New York, NY

Our new partnership is exciting for both sides. We’re personally excited to let QuickJack grow more popular through word-of-mouth: the people receiving service are going to be impressed by the lift. YourMechanic is better able to set their mechanics up for success; it’s safer and takes much less time to raise a car with the QuickJack car lift than four jack stands. This means faster repairs, happier techs and higher safety standards in the industry overall. At the end of the day, we just hope we’re setting the bar for customer approval, safety and satisfaction.

Wheels off of an SUV, resting on raised QuickJack.
YourMechanic master tech Rocco shows off his work