Best Tools Your Dad Will Actually Use

If you have a typical dad, then gift buying is always a stressful time of the year. They never seem to want anything, or need anything! So you put it off until the last minute and buy him the first thing that comes to mind. With Father’s Day this weekend it’s crunch time for buying gifts. Tools and gadgets are always a great idea for dad gifts, but what tool will they actually use?

The Gift of Air and Power

And no, by the gift of air we don’t mean the funny empty box, or the handwritten coupons with the promise of a favor. Though those are both great ideas, an even better idea are the gadgets pictured below! Portable air compressors, jump starters, USB ports, and flashlights are all great tools for your dad’s garage or car. You can buy all of these tools separately, or you can just buy a JackPak!

The JackPak can do the work of all of these tools combined. It has a mini air compressor for tire pressure, a battery jump starter, mobile phone charger and LED flashlight all installed into one ultra-handy tool. The JackPak battery power pack is the Swiss Army Knife of your garage, and is perfect for ANY roadside emergency.

The Gift That Will Leave an Impact

If you aren’t familiar with tools and you’re looking at the picture below I know what you might be thinking, “My dad already has a drill, he doesn’t need that!” But does he have an Impact Wrench? Designed to deliver high torque power with little effort, these useful tools are a necessity for any dad that has a multitude of projects to work on. They do all the work for you, helping you remove lug nuts with little to no effort! Not only is it useful for automotive care like tire changes, and tire rotation, but impact wrenches can remove and apply tough fasteners on any project in your garage. There are a variety of models on the market both electric and air powered, so you are sure to find the right tool for your dad’s needs.

The Gift of Cleanliness

Does your dad like to keep his garage, shop and car clean? Is his garage or shop always dirty and you want to send him a message? Either way, a wet/dry shop vacuum is the perfect tool for your dad’s garage! These vacuums come with attachments to help you clean everything from your car seats to your shop floor. And with the option to suck up water as well, these heavy-duty vacuums are ideal for tackling ANY cleanup project.

The Creepy Gift

If your dad is a DIYer, or likes to do a lot of home automotive work, then a nice creeper is a must-have for his garage. A creeper is a flat rolling platform that allows you to roll easily under your lifted vehicle to perform any kind of car maintenance. Being low-profile, creepers give you plenty of room to get the job done, and make normally difficult wrenching both comfortable and easy.

The Gift of a QuickJack

Perhaps the ultimate, and most useful tool for your dad’s garage (not that we’re biased or anything) is the QuickJack! No longer do you have to worry about unstable jacks and jack stands. The QuickJack portable car lift raises your vehicle safely and quickly in under 30 seconds. The perfect companion to any dad, the QuickJack pays for itself by giving you the versatility to do most vehicle maintenance right from your garage. With a range of models and accessories, QuickJack is perfect for any vehicle or project up to a hefty 7,000 lbs.! The heavy-duty construction, easy-to-use design and a wide range of safety features ensure that your dad is both safe, and extremely thankful for this handy gift.