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Like millions of obsessed car enthusiasts, you might be the type that loves to wash and detail your cars. We’ve discovered that a lot of people who are new to auto maintenance, or don’t do much of their own work, still love QuickJack. The reason is simple: almost anyone can handle their own wheel swaps, car washing and auto detailing with very little training or experience. Unless you’re just doing a quick, superficial clean, you’ll need your vehicle raised on a car lift or jack stands in order to truly clean it.

Porsche without wheels on a QuickJack, covered in soap and water.
Proof that QuickJack is the ultimate washing and detailing tool

Low-stance vehicles are a pain to wash. If you’re doing a deep clean, you’ll want your vehicle lifted. Jack stands are a pain to set up, and if you’re not in the mood to go through that, your alternative is to crouch, bend and strain your way through the job. As a result, you wind up in some level of physical discomfort.

QuickJack is the solution to this problem. It can get wet and soapy, and with  21” of ground clearance, you’ll feel much more comfortable while you work. You don’t even have to get underneath your vehicle to enjoy the benefits of a QuickJack lift. The raised height and ease-of-use speak for themselves. Not to mention, if you’re detailing, adding decals or doing other jobs, you need to be ergonomically positioned. This is important for your long-term health, especially if you’re a professional who does this kind of work full-time. For all these reasons and more, we challenge you to ask anyone who has a QuickJack, and they’ll tell you it’s the one garage tool they could never do without.

Don’t take our word for it. The video below is from our friends in Argentina. They went out of their way to make a classy video showing off QuickJack being washed. Enjoy!