David has been running a highly reputable auto detailing business for over 32 years. Innovative Detailing excels because of the passion of its owner, as well as his personal knowledge of his customers. While he’s been in business for over three decades, he’s used the QuickJack car lift for only a fraction of that time. However, QuickJack has made a big difference. In talking to him, we learned that his zest for doing the best possible work is only now being fully realized.

Man on knees polishing red Corvette on a QuickJack portable car lift
David working smart at Innovative Detailing

During our short visit to his shop, Corvettes and Porsches rolled into his parking lot. He knew his customers by name and took his time with each one. They clearly appreciate his work and personal level of service.

Two QuickJack frames were placed at either end of his small but clean and fully stocked shop. We asked him about his work in general and posed the ultimate question for auto detailing shops and mobile businesses: why QuickJack?

Red Corvette lifted at the lower lock position of QuickJack car lift
Vette raised to the QuickJack’s lower lock level

Before we get to your QuickJack car lift, tell us about your business.
My services make cars shine and sparkle, and I protect all vehicles from nature’s foul elements. Customers see me for anything from new vehicle prep and glass coating to paint correction and headlight restoration. People count on Innovative Detailing to provide them with the most comprehensive services in town. I treat each and every vehicle as if it were my own.

What about your shop are you most proud of?
I pride myself in having a state-of-the-art facility that is properly stocked, well-lit and free of dust and dirt. I utilize the latest equipment and products available to the professional, which allows me to deliver the best completed product and a great experience for my customers.

Is that why you got a QuickJack, to make a better finished product?
I have been using QuickJack since December 2015 when I saw it at SEMA Show, and I made the purchase at the show. At first, I was looking around at some of those “air bladder” jacks. But when I saw the QuickJack with a red Vette up in the air, watched their demo and did the shake test, I was beyond sold.

What does QuickJack bring to your shop?
QuickJack provides great value for my business. It allows me use my compressor and impacts when I have the vehicles off the ground for wheel-off detailing services. It also allows me to have a more “focused” connection between the surface I am correcting and my polishers. QuickJack lifts vehicles to the perfect visual level. It lets me focus on surface defects and deliver a flawless finish.

What did you use before QuickJack, and what was the problem with that? Why make the change?
Before purchasing the QuickJack, I did not offer any wheel-off services. I was subjecting my body to the wear and tear of bending over more often than not. I would find myself on my knees or on the floor all the time. QuickJack lets me offer more comprehensive wheel/caliper cleaning and auto detailing services while protecting my body.

Freestanding wheel in front of a red Corvette on a QuickJack
QuickJack lets small auto detailing shops do wheel-off service

Why is QuickJack the best car lift for auto detailing?
QuickJack is the perfect application for a small detailing shop: overall ease of use, versatility and convenience. Also, it’s not bulky, and it’s easy to store. When not in use, QuickJack tucks out of the way, ready for work at a moment’s notice.

Has QuickJack helped make you more profitable?
Since purchasing my QuickJack, it has definitely been a big factor in making mhttps://www.quickjack.com/y work easier, faster and more profitable. When doing my focused paint correction services, I now have the vehicle surfaces at a comfortable level as opposed to down low on the ground. This saves me the time of having to go up and down over and over. Now the vehicles surfaces are directly in front of me. No more bending over.

With QuickJack, I can perform wheel-off cleaning, since I can have the vehicle off the ground. I remove the wheels, steam clean the calipers along with the wheel barrels and glass coat or seal them. QuickJack also helps when wrapping vehicle bumpers or rockers with paint protection film. It’s much better than lifting with ramps or leaving the vehicle on the ground.

What’s the number one thing QuickJack does to make your life easier?
QuickJack minimizes the impact that auto detailing has on my body. Anyone who does this kind of work for a living knows it can be extremely hard on your body. By eliminating the daily fatigue on my body, I believe this is the best thing for me in the long run.

I can truly say that a portable car lift makes auto detailing healthier for me. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

For excellent auto detailing services in the Tustin and greater SoCal region, contact Innovative Detailing online, email David at innovative714@cox.net or call him direct at 714-715-9397.

Red Corvette with wheels removed on a QuickJack car lift
Wheel wells, brakes, etc. all accessible with QuickJack