Using QuickJack to Install Magnaflow® Cat Back Exhaust

As part of our YouTube series QuickJack Gets to Work, our very own Dave installed a Magnaflow® Street Series Cat Back Exhaust System. The system, as well as the 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost, belonged to a friend of ours. Dave is our resident auto expert, and to top off our “QuickJack Gets to Work” series, […]

7 Questions Everyone Asks About QuickJack

If you’ve been following QuickJack, you’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) our blog, livestream videos, Quick Tips YouTube series and email newsletter. We use these channels to deliver useful content that will help you get the most out of QuickJack. Sometimes, unfortunately, our messages don’t reach everyone we’d like them to. We’re happy […]

He Hated QuickJack’s Guts. We Had to Do Something.

Ever have a really bad experience with someone… that was entirely your fault? They say you learn more from failure than success, but that doesn’t make the learning process any easier. In fact, when you’re a prominent face in the automotive industry like QuickJack, there are certain mistakes that should simply never, ever happen. Nevertheless, […]

Never Raise QuickJack Frames Without Weight

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. In this case, we have an update so important, we’re giving you both! The image below is straight out of our QuickJack portable car lift’s December 2018 instruction manual update, page 4. We use the word “image” loosely here, since it’s mostly words. Please Read Carefully The […]

Why QuickJack Has a Small Air Cylinder

Here’s a common “problem” that actually isn’t a problem at all: Someone orders QuickJack after days, weeks or even months of studying it inside-out. But when QuickJack arrives, they discover something they didn’t know about, and a touch of panic sets in. What is this intimidating mechanical device, you ask? What is this fiendish plot […]

5 Crazy QuickJack Tests Not Safe for Home

Since 2016, our team has been putting QuickJack through the ringer. We’ve tested its lifting capacity, hydraulic strength and frame durability. In doing so, we’ve pushed the limits of what we thought was possible (and what our head safety officer would allow). Every test was OSHA compliant and accident-free. At times, additional safety officers, trained forklift operators and other ranking personnel were brought in to […]

QuickJack Builds, Tests & Races Cars With Justin!

We watch a ridiculous number of car shows here at QuickJack, so we’re always happy to point out great channels you might miss if you don’t keep your ear close to the ground. BTR Justin is one of our favorite such channels. He has a super-relatable personality, he’s a working man and family man, and he does exactly what the name of […]