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QuickJack is turning a lot of heads with its forward-thinking design. A reaction we get sometimes that makes us chuckle: “This car lift has no crossbeams? Get out!

There’s a reason, however, that QuickJack has the best safety rating in its class (something we refer to often, because it matters), and it’s not just the high-grade 14-gauge steel frames or two-stage auto-engaging safety locks. Those are crucial aspects of the QuickJack, but something that doesn’t get talked about as much is QuickJack’s patented hydraulic design. So why did we design QuickJack this way?

A Hydraulic lift is much, much easier to use

It’s so easy to raise a vehicle on QuickJack that our competitors are simply left with one option: to try to convince you that our design is “flimsy.” We’ll call that “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” marketing, and it’s a fear mongering tactic. In other words, they want you to think that if our lift is so easy, so simple and so convenient, we must have sacrificed quality and safety.

Dwight Schrute says false!

Very false! Hydraulic fluid works by exerting pressure in one direction when force is applied to the fluid. QuickJack uses common hydraulic fluid that is non-compressible, non-toxic and long-lasting. It’s also more reliable than mechanical structuring because it eliminates serviceable cables, chains, gears, etc. We also ship every QuickJack unit with zero-leak flush face hose fittings to ensure no fluids spill out. The quick-connect hoses and portable power unit are very simple to manage. It’s so much easier to raise a car lift when the electric/hydraulic motor does all the work for you. Some of our competitors require the use of a large hydraulic jack or power drill. We simply ask you to press the “Up” or “Down” button. Our safety locks automatically engage, so there are no extra steps necessary to keep your nose clean under there. How easy is QuickJack to operate? Check out this home video submitted by a satisfied customer:

One of the reasons people switch to our car lift over traditional car jacks and jack stands is the technological convenience we offer, which is unrivaled by virtually every other company in the car lift industry. It’s no surprise that the hydraulic lift design, which is already commonplace in less portable car lifts (two-post, four-post, scissor and parking lifts, to name a few), is changing the way people see DIY and professional auto service. This is something we’re very excited about. And it brings us to one of QuickJack’s signature features: the absent crossbeam.

Hydraulic fluid ensures an even lift every time

Every portable hydraulic power unit—you choose AC or DC—contains a built-in hydraulic flow divider for precise equalized lifting. The flow divider is arguably QuickJack’s unsung hero, because without that technology, we couldn’t provide a truly open-center design with no crossbeams whatsoever—one of QuickJack’s most important, unique and convenient features. The hydraulic power unit isn’t just a nifty device to make us look cool; it also contributes to a safer, more sophisticated and more elegant car lift design. You don’t need bulky steel frames to be safe with your car lift.

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TL;DR: Hydraulic lifts offer many advantages over mechanical lifts. They’re simpler, less prone to breaking and extremely resistant to sudden, catastrophic collapse. They also lift with the touch of a button.