Auto Detailing with a Car Lift Improves Your Health

QuickJack is an excellent car lift solution for auto detailing

When it comes to hobby work, such as auto detailing, some people stubbornly operate in the dark ages: they’re so used to doing things "the way it’s always been" that they resist tools and technology that make life simpler, easier and more comfortable. For car washing and detail work, for instance, most people simply pull their vehicle onto the driveway, bring out the soap-and-water bucket and get to work. Bending, stooping and straining to get to the lower half of the vehicle is just par for the course. Or is it? QuickJack is an excellent car lift solution that possibly prevents future back and knee pain from developing or worsening.

Your body position matters during auto detailing

Millennials beware: despite what you may tell yourself in the mirror before bed each night, you’re not going to be in your 20s and 30s forever. The joy you take in detailing your ride won’t fade as you age, but simple acts like bending over for minutes at a time while you scrub off caked-on mud and grime will eventually take its toll. That’s why some people make such a big deal out of ergonomic seats, keyboards, shoe inserts, etc. Doing little things today, even if you barely notice the immediate difference, can make a huge impact down the road.

Ergonomic Auto Detailing Solution from QuickJack

In fact, you probably notice when your body is improperly positioned for a given task. You know that need-to-stretch feeling you get when you stand up after having been positioned uncomfortably on the ground or elsewhere? Ever feel sore after leaning on your elbow while you read or watch TV? That feeling is most likely joint or muscle-related and comes from an awkward distribution of weight on your back, knees, etc. Over time, this can cause acute (short-term) and/or chronic (long-term) pain. We’re not saying we’re doctors, but we know car lifts. QuickJack is safe and easy to roll wherever you need it, and it offers a more ergonomic auto detailing solution for persons of all ages and levels of experience with auto maintenance.

Chronic pain can be prevented with a comfortable car lift

It’s important to get ahead of the game when it comes to pain. People who experience chronic pain are essentially drained of their life force: standing up, being socially active or doing anything mildly taxing (like simple auto detailing) becomes more than they can handle. Emotional setbacks can occur too.

We’re not saying car lifts “cure” pain. Not at all. We are saying, however, that pain associated with bending, stooping and reaching can be lessened or even eliminated altogether by making your auto detailing experience more ergonomic. It’s sad when we hear of mechanics in their 50s and 60s who are already too sore from their lifelong love affair with DIY to even think about working on their cars. We can’t set back the clock, but QuickJack is sure to improve your form and posture while auto detailing or performing other maintenance tasks at home (e.g., wheel service).