AMMO NYC and the Art of the Detail

Millions of car enthusiasts flock to automotive shows, car auctions and other auto-centered gatherings every year. With so many eyes on them, the vehicles on display at these events usually glisten with new-looking paint, waxes or seals. How do the owners and teams that show off these vehicles make them look so good? One of the most-talked-about topics in the automotive world is how to get that incredible look on vehicles at home without spending a fortune on a professional auto detail. Lucky for all of you, expert Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC has built a small empire answering every detailing question you might have. Better yet, he has terrific and informed supporters who chime in and encourage each other. It’s what community is all about!

The AMMO NYC brand is renowned throughout the detailing world. Notoriously enthusiastic about cars and exceptionally picky about the materials he uses, the AMMO NYC YouTube page has tips and tricks on everything from clear bra maintenance to interior auto detailing, and everything in between. Additionally, AMMO NYC manufactures car care products that Larry packages and sells direct from to 72 countries worldwide. High-end auto detailers like Larry have a reputation for being nit-picky about the quality of materials they use. Why bother with the rest when you can make the best? He’s arguably one of the best-known detailers in the automotive world, and he built his name and brand detailing gorgeous cars, trucks and SUVs on YouTube.

We’re proud that Larry uses QuickJack to assist him.

Every once in a while, he’ll set up his QuickJack to work on a Porsche 911 or other vehicle that needs to be precisely detailed. Whether it’s getting under the rocker panels, wheel wells or simply making the detail job easier on your back, QuickJack is one of the best ways to get the job done. QuickJack might make you rethink everything you thought about auto detailing, especially if you’ve never worked with a car lift before. QuickJack’s frames are weather-proof, so you can get them wet; it’s mobile, so you can roll it wherever you need to work; it’s safe, so you can bump and nudge the car worry-free; and it sets up in seconds.

Which QuickJack model does Larry use?

Larry uses the BL-5000SLX when he details cars. This is our 5,000-lb. capacity, standard-length model that’s extremely popular with detailers. It rises only 3” off the ground in its collapsed position, so it fits under the chassis of most low-stance vehicles. Its frames come in at a length of 70”, so they also fit nicely between most wheelbases. This model is extremely versatile and easy to roll in and out of storage, making it one of our highest-selling models.

QuickJack is the only car lift that truly makes sense for auto detailing. Whether you work from home or in a professional shop environment, QuickJack is making a name for itself in the detailing community. When someone like Larry Kosilla uses it, you know there’s something there.