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Setup QuickJack in Only 30 Minutes!

Once your QuickJack arrives in its freight packages, you’ll be about half an hour away from full lifting glory. Setup requires no special tools, bolts or drills—just a few wrenches you probably have on-hand. After all, your portable car lift is made to be taken on the road, so we kept things as simple and clear-cut as possible.

QuickJack Setup Video Watch the Official First Time QuickJack Setup Video

Layout contents of your QuickJack shipment

Lay out the contents of your three shipped boxes

Lay out the frames, parts assembly, power unit and hoses on a clear surface, so you don’t misplace or lose any parts during installation.

Install a few fittings and valves

Install a few fittings and valves

The frame assembly and power unit have some fittings that need to be threaded with thread seal tape and wrenched on. Simple, fast, easy.

Pressurize the QuickJack air cylinders

Pressurize air cylinders

The air cylinders need to be pressurized for the first use and periodically over time. A hand/foot pump or air compressor will accomplish the job.

Fill power unit tank with hydraulic fluid

Set up power unit and fill with hydraulic fluid

Ensure the power unit is connected to the case and the fittings are secure, then funnel in 2.5 quarts of hydraulic oil or ATF fluid (not included).

Prepare QuickJack quick-disconnect hoses and fittings

Prepare quick-connect hoses

Thread the zero-leak quick-connect fittings with thread seal tape and wrap as directed.

Final checklist before lift

Final checklist before lift

A few final tasks remain: drain the extra packing oil, ensure the frames are lifting correctly, a final safety inspection, and you’re ready to go!

One-time setup and you're ready to lift.

The car lift with a one-time setup