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BL-7000SLX Car Lift

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  1. Great product. Should have bought them earlier review by WalrusMedic on 8/16/2018

    I love my QuickJack and have used it many times in the short time I have had it. It makes working on the cars so much easier than using a floor jack and jack stands, and the cars are higher off the floor giving more room to do work on them. The units were easy to set up and get running. I am glad I got the BL 7000 as it gives me more security when working under the cars, and I will be able to lift my minivan without issues either. My only complaint is the packaging for the lift units, they could have used better cardboard and not have them fall apart while bringing them into the house. But other than that, no issues (and that is not a big issue either, just an observation). I should have bought these earlier because it would have make working on the cars easier sooner.

  2. Love it. Great build, only very minor problems. review by XinnKoda on 2/13/2017

    First off, thank you QuickJack! This product has made working on my vehicles so much easier! I chose the 7000 lb. version because the price wasn't much more, and I wanted to get the heaviest duty one available. I was expecting the assembly to take a couple hours but to my surprise, much of the assembly process was already done (the air shock valves, the hydraulic pump carrier bolts, etc). I had to do significantly less work than I was expecting to. The jack raises and lowers very quickly and all my vehicles are extremely stable when fully lifted. I store them flat against my wall and they take up very little space. This system is flawless, except 1 VERY minor issue. The issue is the little plastic wheels. On my model, the wheels will not turn because the arms that hold the wheels are too close to the frame. This causes the wheels to be pushed against the frame. This results in basically dragging the plastic wheels across my garage floor and making little black marks. QuickJack did send me with extra wheels but they all appear to be the same size. This isn't a big issue for me, I am planning on swapping out the wheels with ones that are a little smaller in diameter and also has a nice bearing on the inside. I chose to place thin felt on the underside of the frames as well. I noticed when I pushed the frames into place it scraped off some of the powder coating. After placing the felt, it slides much easier across the garage floor and I don't have to worry about the powder coating scraping off. Overall, this product is a must have for mechanics of any level. Thank you QuickJack!

  3. Excellent design. Works great review by bdmyers86 on 11/12/2016

    Works as advertised. It's great being able to keep the car far enough up in the air to work safely underneath. Each side is about 100#, making the dangerous part moving them into position! Great product. Highly recommended.

  4. One of the best things I've bought review by Paddy on 10/29/2016

    Got my 7000 lb. lift. My Cadillac Escalade EXT weighs almost 6000 Lbs. Lifted it with no hesitation. High enough I could do creeper races under it. Got all fluids changed in record time. Can't wait till its time to change wheels, going to be a breeze.

  5. I'm really impressed! review by Keith on 10/27/2016

    I bought the BL 700 SLX so I could lift my F150 Super Crew and my MGB.
    The assembly was very easy and went without a hitch. I was a little worried that the 7000 might be a little big for the MG as the measuring guide put it 1 inch too long. No worries! Lifted the MG without any problem, fit just fine. I'm really chuffed that the product is exactly as good as the marketing says it is. Not often that you find that.
    Thanks for a great addition to my garage!!
    The only downside is that all my kids and neighbors want to use it or have me fix their vehicles.....

  6. A beast review by Au2bahn Motorwerke on 8/19/2016

    Upon months of research, I'm glad I waited for the 7000slx. It's built like a tank and I did chuckle a little when the picture on the box showed some guy lifting both like it was a 20lb weights. Maybe the 3000 version. This is like 100+lbs per side but rolls pretty well. Worked perfectly from initial setup

    Some folks complained about certain things but they had a 5000 version and might not be as robust? I really don't know.

    Bottom line is my model 7000slx is awesome for all my current and future cars as it can lift full SUVs no problem. I never knew how much I need it until I have it. I have 4 cars and speeds up all maintenance and servicing needs.

  7. EricTheCarGuy Brought Me Here review by Bolt The Door on 7/21/2016

    I first saw the QuickJack on EricTheCarGuy's channel and decided to have a look. The video in question is here:

    I own vehicles that are all just under 5,000 pound capacity. QuickJack told me the the BL-5000 slx version would work just fine as they are stress tested beyond that point, but I wanted to make sure I have more versatility in the future. I ended up purchasing the BL-7000SLX a month or so ago. As others have said, this thing is a behemoth. Definitely can't one-arm this thing, unless I'm just that weak sauce (probably). But it does come with rollers at the end and with those, I'm able to move it around the garage no problem.

    The box came a little damaged. Two of the four wheels (mentioned above) were cracked. I called up QuickJack and they sent replacements overnight. Great customer service.

    Overall, this thing is freaking awesome. Couldn't agree more that I wish I had known about it sooner. I'm very happy and satisfied with the construction and quality. I feel MUCH safer using this than my stands. It's super stable. Cheers!

  8. Best thing since sliced bread review by Treeman on 7/20/2016

    I could have used these jacks thirty years ago! I ordered the 12 volt model as these jacks will reside in the back of my truck ready to be deployed wherever the need arises.

    I've just had my Quickjack a little over a week and here are my first impressions.

    When the delivery guy rolled up his door I saw the shipping boxes were pretty well beat up ....... a sure sign of rice hull cardboard. I didn't know these jacks were Chinese.
    I unloaded the boxes and immediately opened them to check for damage. The paint was a bit scuffed but that's no big deal for me. I did notice that one of the short hydraulic lines had been folded in half. It wouldn't have been a problem had these been the steel reinforced rubber lines that I have used my whole life. These lines are a metal core with a plastic cover and the kink had crushed the metal core rendering it useless. A phone call to Quickjack and they promptly sent me a replacement. I'll probably replace these with rubber lines as they will reside in the bed of my truck and and I'm sure it won't be long until they get stepped on. For those jacks that will reside in a shop I'm sure these lines will be fine.

    If your an accomplished welder you may be less than thrilled with the quality of the workmanship as I noticed a lot of grinding on many of the welds underneath the powder coat. Maybe the guy that built mine was a beginner.

    The thing that really irked me was the fact that there are no grease zerks at the pivot points. There are small holes that we are told to pour 90 weight gear into ........ and let run out on the garage floor. This may have been adequate on the 3500 lb. model but not for a jack lifting 7000 lbs. I solved this problem by taking a can of spray grease and inserting the red straw through a foam ear plug to act as a seal on the lube hole. The first thing I will do when the warranty expires is to drill and tap the cylinder pivot points as well as weld nuts on top of the lube holes so I can install grease zerks .

    The assembly of the jacks was pretty straight forward and well illustrated in the instruction manual. For bleeding the cylinders do yourself a favor and raise the bleed screw cylinder end well above the cylinder rod end when bleeding.
    When it came time to assemble the power unit I noticed that the guard that was supposed to cover the solenoid was missing. I called technical services and was told that the guard was no longer supplied. Why not?
    I also noticed that there were no dedicated lugs to attach a twelve volt power source. I plan on fabricating a solenoid guard using the manual's illustrations as well as a dedicated power lugs. I also plan on mounting the hydraulic power unit inside a tool box since it too will be residing in the back of my truck.

    I used my wife's minivan for my first lift. The simple yet elegant folding parallelogram design of the jack worked flawlessly. Using some additional blocking cut from solid oak I was able to get 24" of clearance which is plenty of room for any work I need to perform.

    I'm sure it sounds like I've been nit picky in this review. YES I have. These jacks aren't cheap. There are some things that certainly could be improved, most notably the lack of grease zerks which is why I gave it 4 stars. That being said there is no doubt that Quickjack 7000 is a winner!

  9. Great product. Instructions could be better. review by Owlbandit on 7/7/2016

    I received my BL-7000SLX last week and set it up over the weekend. It arrived well-packed in four boxes and included the SUV lift kit. Take your time Teflon taping and wrenching the fittings together. The build quality is very good and it worked the first time with no leaks, but required some bleeding of the jacks and several cycles to get the operation smooth (don't rush it). The instructions should specify which wrenches to use for each step, this would save some time trying various metric and SAE wrenches for best fit. Also, some steps were not clear or well photographer (installing the spacers for the power unit). Although the jacks are not light, the wheels do make moving them easier. I have them stored next to each other in the middle of my SUV bay with a 1/4" piece of plywood cut to fit as a cover laid over them to keep any dirt or drips from the truck off the jacks.
    I can already see the time savings with these and they are 1000% times better than having to get the truck up on four jack stands. Two tips: since they are so easy to work with, take your time placing the jacks and jacking blocks, taking into account that the jacks do not lift straight up. Related to this, the vehicle will raise up and move forward about 12" as the jack elevates (radial shift). Make sure you account for this when you are using it in the garage. Read the instructions fully, test it, make sure you have both jacks in proper contact with the vehicle lift points and that the jacks are locked before working. Don't let the convenience and ease of use make you careless, remember it's still a 6000+ weight that you will be working under. This is a great product I hope to use frequently. And yes, it was worth the wait!

  10. my jacks are collecting dust already review by mike on 6/30/2016

    I heard about the 7000 pound version coming back in 2015 since the 5000 pound version wont lift most of my cars I waited and I'm glad I did. I have used it to do transmission services on two of my cars already. I ve only had it for 2days at the time of this review.
    Don't be fooled by the picture of the guy holding both jacks on his hip you will not be able to do that with these they aren't that light. The company's description on the website is right on as far as this being a game changer it definitely is. Trying to jack a car up with jacks and jack stands to get it level so you can properly service an automatic transmission isn't scary with the quick jack. There is enough room under the car to roll under it on a wheeled creeper, its stable no rocking at all. I even sat in my car and ran it through the gears to make sure I had the fluid level correct. It will be easy to pull exhaust out, replace oil pan gaskets, do u joints, oil changes, basically do all the under car service you couldn't do safely before. I think its going to take them a few years to determine the correct amount to produce so they don't have a ton of inventory just sitting in a warehouse or making everyone that wants one wait a long time before they get one plus have enough spare parts to service every one they have sold. Good luck Ranger you definitely invented a winner with quick jack.
    One thing I would like to see your company policy about dogs.

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