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  • BL-5000SLX QuickJack Garage Lift BL-5000SLX QuickJack Garage Lift
  • Lift Pad on QuickJack Lift Lift Pad on QuickJack Lift
  • QuickJack's Hydraulic Cylinder QuickJack's Hydraulic Cylinder
  • QuickJack Car Hoist for Garage QuickJack Car Hoist for Garage
  • QuickJack with Rubber Block Extension QuickJack with Rubber Block Extension
  • Car Lift for Home Garage Car Lift for Home Garage
  • Portable Garage Car Lift Portable Garage Car Lift
  • Optional Light Truck and SUV Adapters Optional Light Truck and SUV Adapters
  • Using Optional QuickJack Accessories Using Optional QuickJack Accessories
  • Power Unit with Remote Control Power Unit with Remote Control
  • QuickJack Portable Power Unit QuickJack Portable Power Unit
  • QuickJack Remote Pendent Control QuickJack Remote Pendent Control

BL-5000SLX Car Lift

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  1. Perfect for the home garage...and more! review by Jim on 4/10/2017

    Why did I wait so long to order this? That’s probably a question many of us asked ourselves the very first time we used this lift! Not only was using a low profile jack along with jack stands a chore I could do without, but I never felt completely safe under the car held up that way. To top it off, there wasn’t an awful lot of height to work under there. Ramps made me feel safer although the space under the car was even worse, plus I couldn’t work on wheels/brakes/suspension!

    With QuickJack the car was in the air in no time, and the workspace under the car is incredible…more than enough to use a torque wrench and do whatever. And it keeps the wheels clear to work on, too. Can now do an oil change without the lift, lower, lift, lower procedure. Quick enough setup time to even use it for detailing. If you own a wrench you should definitely own one of these, too. Unless you have a full size lift, of course!

    Customer service is top notch also, Bendpak is a great company to deal with.

  2. Great addition to garage review by Itsallgood on 4/8/2017

    Where have these been. I've been working off of jack stands for over 25 yrs. Always admired the big industrial two post lifts at the shops. A few years ago, I was looking into a car lift for our garage, but had an issue with it having to stay on the floor. Then I came across this product. Just watching videos and reading all the great things about it, I didn't hesitate to buy. It came in three separate boxes and packaged very well. I am totally impressed with this Quickjack system. It's well made with 14 gauge heavy duty steel. Its portable. The hydraulic pump can run off a 12V car battery or 120V outlet. The safety locks work really well. Love the remote control. The hoses are very long and durable and has no leak connections. Once raised, you can unhook the lines and put the hydraulic pump away. It took me about an hour and half to assemble. You have so many option as to how to lift your vehicle. It takes me about 15 min. to get everything set up and our vehicle lifted. With our minivan, I have to position the Quickjacks going across the middle, instead of the side. It raises our minivan to full height in less than 30 seconds. It lowers just as fast. When done, I have a small space to store the jacks and hoses.

  3. My new best friend review by Boostaholics on 10/26/2016

    I love this thing. It seriously takes the first ten minutes of any wrenching session and makes it fun. We have used it on my buddys wrx, my friends rx7, my other buddys evo 9, and soon my 2016 sti all with flawless operation. Hell, its even fun to ride up and down on it if youre bored lol. Im so glad i have this in my garage, its not just a great tool but its fun for show and tell to rack up bro points

  4. The best way to work on your car! review by Relegate on 8/31/2016

    I have lowered Porsche 996 with side skirts that make using a traditional jack a royal pain. I bought the BL5000 SLX and put it together in a couple of hours off and on. It works great! Lifts the car very fast and much higher than my floor jack and jack stands can. I am doing a complete brake upgrade and it's been much easier with the lift! Thanks for a solid product, well worth the money!!

    One of the quick release fittings was not seating properly, but I worked on it a bit prior to finishing assembly and was able to get it to work properly.

  5. Great review by Caveman on 8/25/2016

    I bought this item for my garage and I have to say the set up was easy and easy to use. When they designed and built this they built it to last. After getting my lift I places another order for one for my shop. I own a auto body shop and this is great for tear downs or even putting a vehicle back together. It does not take up any place and it's also portable

  6. Quick disconnect fittings review by Cartero on 8/12/2016

    I bought one BL-5000 from SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT ON NOVEMBER 02, 2015 nine month ago and already one of the Hydraulic hose fitting (Female fitting) its leaking either under pressure or without pressure either way. Waiting on QUICKJACK to let me know action to follow.

  7. Gotta Have it! review by Robbie on 7/30/2016

    Excellent product...allowed for so many great mods on my mustang...shifter,exhaust,brakes,watt link etc...ramps are obsolete because of this great lift!

  8. Great product! review by Jimmie on 6/20/2016

    I've been used to doing basic car maintenance on the ground or fiddling with jack stands. I am so pleased I pulled the trigger on the Quickjack. It's been a great purchase decision.

  9. Great product and great customer service! review by Anthony on 6/2/2016

    I'm using the newest version of the QuickJack BL-5000SLX and I LOVE IT! I've already used it on 3 different cars the first week after receiving it and it has made basic car maintenance quick and easy. You can say goodbye to all the work it takes to get your car on and off 4 jackstands, especially if you want to work on another car after you're done with one. Because I have the 5000 model it is a little heavier than the 3500 model, but it's still easy enough to roll around on the casters that are on one end of the quickjack rail. And if you have the means to do so, you can haul the unit over to the track. The rail units are also stackable for easy storage. I also wanted to mention the power unit is actually fairly quiet when in use. I'm very impressed with this QuickJack system and I'm glad I chose it over some of the more expensive and bulkier options.

    As far as customer service, I had some issues with my caster wheels and with a quick email over to the reps at QuickJack, they sent over some replacement wheels ASAP and they kept me in the loop on status.

    I'd easily recommend QuickJack to those DIYers who have limited garage space and to those track guys who want a quick portable car lift solution!

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