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Mobile Auto Repair Industry Needs QuickJack Car Lift

Car lift for mobile auto repair

Just as rideshare services have changed urban transportation, the QuickJack car lift has changed car repair. At the same time, mobile auto repair businesses are popping up all over the country. They’re the “Ubers of auto repair” because they drive out to meet you at home or work to change your oil, remove dents and/or perform other maintenance. There’s nothing like QuickJack to help techs work faster, so we couldn’t be more excited. A portable car lift goes hand-in-hand with the mobile auto repair industry, as if the two were made for each other.

Funny to imagine what it would be like to set up jacks and stands in front of someone’s house each day. It can’t inspire much confidence from the customer: "Oh hey, thanks for letting me experiment with this whole mobile car repair thing. Now I get to sit back and watch my precious vehicle lifted on your squirrelly jacks and stands. What joy!"

Mobile Repair Lift

QuickJack, on the other hand, has definite curb appeal and the look of a sophisticated car lift. In other words, it’s cool. A lot of people are going to ask about “that thing lifting your car.” It’s what people do when they see QuickJack for the first time. We’re just happy that excitement over QuickJack seems to be shared by DIY’ers and business minds alike.

Lately we’ve been talking to owners of small to large businesses, and the buzz is clearly out there. So, we want to look in-depth at the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing our car lift for mobile auto repair.

Mobile Repair with QuickJack

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