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QuickJack For Residential Use

QuickJack has many uses, but it’s primarily a car lift for the home garage. For decades, the majority of gearheads and DIY’ers have been lifting cars with jacks and stands. For decades, only professional auto shops and high-ceiling residential garages have been able to get their cars in the air with hydraulics. For decades, there has been a driveway need for a portable car lift that can be trusted without hesitation. With a 21” rise and open-center design, QuickJack is the ultimate portable solution for the average garage.

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QuickJack vs. two-post car lift

QuickJack was actually inspired by two frame-engaging car lift types: two-post lifts and mid-rise scissor lifts. We took those two designs and made a car lift for the average home garage. First, we’ll look at how QuickJack stacks up against two-post lifts.

QuickJack Home Car Lift

Many DIYer’s would love a two-post as their home car lift. While it sounds great in theory, there are obstacles to this:

1) Garage dimensions are too small
2) Lift is bolted down and permanent
3) Full-size car lift alters garage appearance
4) Higher cost of lift and installation
5) Daily/monthly required maintenance

In all likelihood, limited space is probably the main reason that people who want a full-size car lift don’t get one. Adding real estate for a car lift could easily costs tens of thousands of dollars. Until QuickJack, there hasn’t been a home car lift option to address this problem. Collapsing to a mere 3” overall height, QuickJack is the only non-bolting car lift for your home garage that leaves almost zero footprint when stowed.

If space is an issue, mid-rise scissor lifts are sometimes an appealing alternative to larger car lifts. Unfortunately, some of these lifts do not have open-center design. This makes them great for wheel service and suspension work, but the undercarriage remains blocked. Open-center scissor lifts—often seen in lube pits across the country—are open-center but not very portable.

QuickJack is the faster, smarter and safer home car lift that is both portable and open-center. Fully electric-hydraulic, it requires no mechanical tooling to operate. Its safety locks act as two built-in automatic jack stands that keep your vehicle suspended indefinitely. When used correctly, nothing short of you pressing the Down button will get the safety bars off those locks.

Do you REALLY need a car lift in your home garage?

To work seriously on cars, or live the life of a bonafide weekend warrior, you need a reliable means of lifting and securing your auto projects. QuickJack replaces the old-fashioned jack-and-stand combo, and QuickJack is faster, safer and more convenient than non-hydraulic home car lifts.

It’s not as essential as food, water and oxygen, but some would say it’s a close second. (We don’t even think they’re kidding.) There’s no doubt that a car lift is a luxury, but so are cell phones, microwaves, air conditioning, etc. If you want to maintain a workmanlike DIY lifestyle without the hassle of jacks and stands, you need a QuickJack.

Can you actually afford a home car lift?

QuickJack is affordable on most budgets. If the price tag is more than you want to throw in all at once, we offer a six-month, zero-interest financing plan through PayPal. As long as you make six easy monthly payments in full, you won’t owe a cent more than sticker price. So, if bringing a safe car lift into your home garage is priority for you, QuickJack is your ticket to automotive freedom.