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If paying for our portable car lift all at once is more than you want to take on, we’ll help you break down your purchase into just six easy payments. Other financing terms (12 and 18-month plans) are also available. With our simple financing solution, equal monthly payments will be paid each month for the timespan you select. As long as the purchase is paid in full at the end of six months (your payment due date is listed on your bill), you never pay a cent of interest. After completing your purchase order and selecting your payment plan, your first payment will be due approximately one month from the time of purchase.

While we absolutely encourage those with the means to pay upfront, PayPal’s financing option is simple, fair and straightforward. There are no strings or special fees attached, which is why we chose to partner with their service in order to help more customers finance a car lift.

QuickJack is offering this incredible zero-interest payment plan through PayPal Credit. If you have a PayPal account already, you probably have access to PayPal Credit. If you do not have a PayPal account, setting one up is fast, free and easy. No membership or registration fees required, so you only pay for what you order!

With our easy payment options made available through PayPal, the QuickJack portable car lift can be yours today. If you’d like to finance your QuickJack today, you’re all set to begin your order.

PayPal Credit