SLX vs. EXT vs. XLT QuickJack Car Lift Models

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QuickJack upgrades your garage with the latest and greatest car lift technology on the planet. Our standard-length TL models come in at 70" overall length (62" for the 3500SLX) and service most vehicles flawlessly. However, some wheelbases are longer and therefore require a longer lift point reach. So, we introduced the TLX series, which is 6" longer than the TL series. We offer two TLX car lift models in 5,000 and 7,000-lb. capacities. For most people, these two series cover most vehicles, foreign and domestic.

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QuickJack Extended Car Lift Model

The ELX solution

There are electric vehicle (EV) types with wheelbase spreads even longer than what can be handled by an TLX. With a 6,000-lb. lift capacity and 86.75" overall length, the ELX car lift is ideal for some exceptionally long electric vehicles. Our extended-length and super-long designs instantly increase the versatility of QuickJack portable lifts. If you’re thinking about buying a car lift from us, we now offer more options than ever. It’s the perfect time to explore how QuickJack can make your auto lifting life easier and safer.

TLX and ELX do not replace TL

You may be wondering if the longer models are better or safer than the standard-length models. Let us be clear: the TLX and ELX models aren’t meant to replace or improve upon the TL design. Each portable car lift model we make serves a different purpose.

Electric Vehicle Car Lift

A TL model is still the more appropriate choice for most vehicles. The 5000TL, for instance, has a max lift point spread of 60". The TLX models are better for longer wheelbases, with a max lift point spread of 66". If your current QuickJack reaches your lift points without a problem, there’s no reason to get an extended-length or super-long model.

If you haven’t made your purchase yet, make sure you measure the wheelbases of the vehicles you intend to lift. Since TLX models are generally used on high-clearance trucks and SUVs, most TLX users will benefit from acquiring the SUV/truck adapter set to go along with their car lift. Just make sure you measure before purchasing!

TL;DR: If you have a vehicle(s) with a long wheelbase and don’t need to lift shorter-wheelbase vehicles, an TLX or ELX may be the perfect car lift for you.

Extended Maximum Lifting Point Spread

TL Models

A - 60" Max. Lift Point Spread
B - 70" Overall Length

TLX Models

A - 66" Max. Lift Point Spread
B - 76" Overall Length

ELX Models

A - 76" Max. Lift Point Spread
B - 86.75" Overall Length