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  • QuickJack wall hangers with frame QuickJack wall hangers with frame

SLX Frame Extension Kit / Pair

QuickJack Wall Hangers (Set of 2)

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Quick Overview

These sleek, electroless nickel-plated wall mounts are the only official hangers designed and engineered by QuickJack. They're guaranteed to safely hold all QuickJack frames when mounted directly into a wall stud. Sold in sets of two.


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There are dozens of ways to stow your QuickJack in a garage: lean them against the wall; stack them on top of each other; tuck them together under your vehicle, etc. The opportunities for easy storage are practically endless.

Some people prefer to hang their frames on the wall, up and out of the way. These convenient hangers are the best way to make that happen.

If you'd like to hang your portable car lift frames on the wall of your garage, our exclusive hangers mount directly into a sturdy wall stud for safe, simple storage. A rounded hanging plate accommodates all QuickJack models. Just make sure you mount them at the correct height!

Wall hangers for QuickJack storage solution

Each mount features a sleek, laser-cut QuickJack logo to provide visible proof that this is the OFFICIAL QuickJack wall mount set. These wall hangers were designed and engineered by the same minds that designed your QuickJack portable car lift, so you know rigorous testing standards were applied and unparalleled safety factors were built in. Real-world testing and advanced computer analysis were performed to ensure quality and long-term resilience.

We know you'll be impressed by how durable your hangers are. Plus, they look great in any garage environment. If you've been looking for a way to vertically suspend your QuickJack frames, these hangers offer the perfect solution.


QuickJack Wall Hangers Specifications

A - Width 4.75" (121 mm)
B - Height 6.75" (172 mm)
C - Depth 2.25" (57 mm)
Weight (ea.) 1 lbs. (0.5 kg)
Shipping Weight 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)

Additional Information

  • Sold in sets of two
  • One size fits all QuickJack models
  • Durable electroless nickel-plated construction
  • Sleek, laser-cut QuickJack logo design
  • Designed and engineered by QuickJack
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