QuickJack Builds, Tests & Races Cars With Justin!

QuickJack Builds, Tests & Races Cars With Justin!

Monday, October 8, 2018
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We watch a ridiculous number of car shows here at QuickJack, so we’re always happy to point out great channels you might miss if you don’t keep your ear close to the ground. BTR Justin is one of our favorite such channels. He has a super-relatable personality, he’s a working man and family man, and he does exactly what the name of his channel suggests: He builds, tests and races cars. We caught up with him recently, and to our delight found that he’s positively overflowing with automotive passion. It’s what makes his channel so fun to watch.

How have you been lately? What’s new for you in or out of the garage? 
I have been doing well, although very busy with my new day job, family, and my YouTube channel! I am wrapping up the racing season and looking forward to the off-season, where I will be starting some new car projects. I even got a new truck to tow my race cars with, which will also be getting some modifications!

Was there a car project early on that made you fall in love with the life?
I have always loved cars and motorcycles, especially racing, since I was young. I think my first real car project was a 2001 Acura Integra GSR. I bought it brand-new, and before I knew it, I got hooked and turbo-charged the car. I was pretty involved in the import tuner scene in the late 90s and early 2000s.

You started BTR Justin about 5 years ago or so. What’s changed for you since then?

Justin’s car on BL-5000SLX QuickJack portable car lift

Right! My YouTube channel has morphed a couple times over the years and for a long while was known as Justin’s Pit Lane. It started off primarily as an RC car racing and how-to type of channel, with real car stuff on the side. Eventually, I just started recording all of the modifications and racing I did with my real cars and learned that was really where my passion was, and people were actually watching it! Today the channel is known as The BTR Garage where BTR stands for “Build.Test.Race,” basically the evolution of everything I do with cars.

Where do you hope to take your channel?
My primary goal with my YouTube channel, since the beginning, has always been to help people. I really love teaching and sharing knowledge. So, if I can continue to grow the channel and help more people with my content and videos, then I am heading in the right direction.

What do you do when you’re not making videos or working on car projects?
I am almost always working on something, whether it is car projects, house projects, or other web/business projects. When I do have downtime, I am hanging out with my kids and wife or going to hockey games, since I’m a big ice hockey fan!

What would you tell someone who feels that QuickJack just isn’t worth it? You can be honest.
Well, whether or not QuickJack is worth it entirely depends on an individual’s needs. For me, QuickJack met the needs for my garage and situation, which I think is a pretty common setup for a lot of people. There are alternatives out there, but for the cost and capability/flexibility that you get with QuickJack, it is hard to beat in my opinion.

What do you love most about having your channel?
A few things actually. I really love having the platform to educate and encourage people to try new things (with how-to videos and the like) that they might not have done without my help. I also travel a lot for racing and car events and it is always great to have viewers/fans come up and say hello with so much excitement. I have met a lot of new friends from all over the country because my videos have helped them out in some form or another.

Who should come to your channel? What makes your content unique?
Car enthusiasts or weekend racers are the natural audience, but really just enthusiasts and car people in general. I think my content is somewhat unique in that I really test a lot of the parts and tools that I use while providing honest reviews and opinions. Another thing is, I am a normal working guy with kids and a family. Everything I post on my channel is bought and paid for out of my own pocket. I think a lot of people can relate to that and as a result, trust my reviews and opinions on things.

Last question. If you had any super power, what would it be?
Well, to have the superhuman driving ability of Ayrton Senna, of course! But really, if there was a super power that could allow me to motivate or help people learn something new in an instant, it would be that one!

Be sure to check out other Justin BTR videos and subscribe! You can read other interviews we’ve done with car enthusiasts on the QuickJack blog. Let us know what you think!

  • dowroa

    Nice to see Justin highlighted.

    He was 100% the reason I bought a Quick Jack system and why I might be buying another if I have the time to get back into motorsports.

    Thank you, Justin!

    • Max Glassburg

      Well, we are 100% pleased to hear that. Be sure to let Justin know too! ­čÖé