QuickJack Interview with Former Air Force Mechanic

QuickJack Interview with Former Air Force Mechanic

Monday, August 27, 2018
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This week, we had a QuickJack first: an opportunity to speak with a former Aerospace Ground Equipment mechanic for the Air Force. Color us 50 shades of patriotic. She’s also an energetic YouTube personality with a rapidly growing following, and it didn’t go unnoticed by us that she’s a big fan of QuickJack. So, if you haven’t already, meet Sarah, the delightfully weird host of YouTube’s Sarah -n- Tuned.

pull quote 1Your videos caught our attention when you reviewed QuickJack. What made you decide to order a lift?
I went with QuickJack because I don’t have the space or option for a full-size car lift in my home garage. Countless subscribers recommended QuickJack to help make working on these project cars a little more safe, since I’m constantly jacking them up with a traditional floor jack and jack stands.

Tell us a little about yourself. What kinds of activities did you enjoy growing up?
I was always quite artistic growing up. I enjoyed coloring, drawing, snow skiing and of course, spending a lot of time with friends.

The Air Force is an impressive place to start a career. What exactly did you do there?
I was a mechanic for the bulk of my career, although I did branch out and experience a few other career opportunities as well. I’m certified as an Aerospace Ground Equipment mechanic for the Air Force, but being that I’m no longer in [the Air Force], I don’t think that counts (laughs). I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation and Logistics Management.

Did you dabble in online videos before going full-time, or did you just jump right into it?
I took a video editing class back in high school and have always wanted to explore further into it since. I just found the creativity aspect of it to be the most rewarding. YouTube provided the perfect platform to do this, so it was something I began to really enjoy the more I pursued it.


What goals do you have for your channel and what do you need to accomplish them?
The primary goal with my channel is simply making people laugh and smile. If I can educate a little in the process too, then I call that a success.

Longer-term, I want to achieve the necessary resources I need in order to create more exciting car builds. Having the opportunity to collaborate with other creators in making content would be fun as well!

Did your professors and instructors have any advice about your career path… and did you take it?
I was suggested many different career paths, but decided to just follow my heart with this.

Who should watch your channel? What makes your content stand out? Basically, here’s your chance to shamelessly plug yourself.
Who should watch? That’s easy. Anyone! Because I’m delightfully weird (laughs). But really, I would say if you have an interest in cars or auto mechanics in general, or if you just want to smile!


Before we wrap up, what do you love about the community you’re a part of?
The car community brings together all kinds of people with a unified passion for automobiles, and it drowns out any other differences that may divide us in society. I’ve always enjoyed it for this reason! 

pull quote 2Last question: How do you define success for yourself?
I ask myself if I gave 100%. And if I can truthfully say, “Yes, that’s the best I can do,” I consider [my effort] a success. 

If you haven’t already, subscribe to Sarah -n- Tuned to get all her car projects, product reviews and professional opinions on all things auto. There’s a reason the best of the best are using QuickJack, and even beyond car stuff, she’s living proof of what it means to serve among the best.